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Kytanna    6

Yet another post made possible by the WayBackMachine. Before anything comes up, I'm fully aware that there are changes to classes to balance PVP on the server. However, these guides can be used simply as an overview for anyone venturing into a new class or revisiting an old one. 

Edit: I didn't quite think I'd have to write this out, but I should always assume with these situations. These are good for nothing more than overviews, I never personally used them for anything more than a general overview of talents glyphs and rotations even when I played retail. ( Which I did until Legion released. WoD was painful enough to live through Legion was too much. ) I suppose since I just geared on random rather than following a strict guide I was unaware that anyone would take it quite that literal. These sites are not law, even in retail. They are good for basic overviews so you can get the hang of your class.


Death Knight

Blood:  PVE - PVP

Unholy:  PVE - PVP

Frost:  PVE - PVP



Balance:  PVE - PVP

Feral:  PVE - PVP

Guardian:  PVE - PVP

Restoration:  PVE - PVP



Beast Mastery:  PVE - PVP

Marksmanship:  PVE - PVP

Survival:  PVE - PVP



Arcane:  PVE - PVP

Fire:  PVE - PVP

Frost: PVE - PVP



Brewmaster:  PVE - PVP

Mistweaver:  PVE - PVP

Windwalker:  PVE - PVP



Holy:  PVE - PVP

Protection:  PVE - PVP

Retribution:  PVE - PVP



Discipline:  PVE - PVP

Holy:  PVE - PVP

Shadow:  PVE - PVP



Assassination:  PVE - PVP

Combat:  PVE - PVP

Subtlety :  PVE - PVP



Elemental:  PVE - PVP

Enhancement:  PVE - PVP

Restoration:  PVE - PVP



Affliction:  PVE - PVP

Demonology:  PVE - PVP

Destruction:  PVE - PVP



Arms:  PVE - PVP

Fury:  PVE - PVP

Protection:  PVE - PVP

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Amoranthi    1

This is the only site that I've seen that has a well put together PvP guide. While the moves differ because of the patches implemented by TauriWoW for balancing, it's still good to have an overview of the class and it's moves. xD

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