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Logged into Tauri bug tracker, no submit button

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redwaller66    0

Hi guys, after 5 tries of trying MOP servers trying to get one where quests are scripted and zoned phases, etc. This one is impressing me so far.

However, I found a bug that stops me from progressing in a quest I want to do in Tirisfal Glades.  I went to report this bug in the proper location,, and I logged on there. Where people have screenshotted where the "create new task" button should before in another topic from almost a year ago.

That button is not there so I cannot submit my bug, but I really want to progress in that quest. xD  I know I am not supposed to post the bug here, but while doing the "a scarlet letter" quest in Tirisfal Glades, I have found Lilian Voss all shadowy in a cage in the tower, but the quest mechanic to continue and have dialogue etc does not work. I can click on Lilian Voss but she only says the greeting dialogue.

Gebler is not there.


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