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forget to invite a friend through the server


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hello everyone i'm new to the server and i have 2 questions
So I have already introduced a friend to the server and he already has an account and a character but I forgot to invite him
via the server to get experience boost and other
how can I do to restore all this please
2nd question is it possible to increase the experience rates in the game to 4 or 6?
there was mark in the server rates from 2 to 5
thanks very much
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You can't invite an already registered account.

You can invite him/her again with an other email address, and ask him/her to create a second account, where you will have the RAF bonus.


You can't increase XP rate above the realm limit.

Tauri is 1x

Evermoon is 2x

WoD is 15x

Crystalsong is 7x

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