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character transfer from other server or instant 60?

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Lmat    0

Ive been playing on Atlantiss server, that as been the best scripted Cataclysm server to date. Ive eard that this one is even better and is on the way to Pandaria content.

I would love to "continue" playing here, but i would love to transfer my LV60 paladin from Atlantis, or Start fresh here but in the same level.

It would be a bit painfull to start from lv1 again.

Is it possible to transfer or start at lv60, in the shop?

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Overdozer    0

Atlantiss is a joke compared to Tauri. All cataclysm zones from 1-60 are perfectly scripted in Tauri. The scripts are 99-100% blizzlike. For the Cataclysm zones 80-85 it is the same story. For 1 year playing in Tauri i have found only 1 broken quest in Outland. I have done all other quests in the game and i currently have Loremaster of Kalimdor, Easter Kingdoms,  Northrend, Cataclysm and Pandaria. Raids and dungeons are working perfectly in 1-60, 60-70, 85-90. There are a little bugs on the raid and dungeons only in the WOTLK content but they can be done. Overall i have played on Atlantiss 2 years and i can personally tell you it looks so bad compared to Tauri-WoW. The developers on Tauri are very awesome and the best i have seen from 10 years playing in private servers. I would strongly advice you to level from 1-90 just to see that everything i told you is the truth and not to just make you play here. The journey here is amazing.

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