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<GUCCI GANG> International Guild on Horde [Tauri]

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I made this guild for people who can't find a guild. I was one of them, so i just created one. There are some hungarian guilds with high expectations(I presonally know some because im hungarian). So i just made a guild for me and my friends. I just invited a bunch of people with SGI, then realized there was more english speaking than hungarian. So, i just "re-created" it to an International guild. The guild is just lvl7 now, but it will level up fast with this many people. In the guild there are currently 85 people which i would say 90% is active. I would say there is more english speaking than hungarian players. I dont want high expectations, if you want to join the guild and have fun maybe later do some RBG's/Raid's, etc. i'm cool with that. We could even make some events(Tmog/mount contest). In the guild everybody can invite, so if you just type in /who GUCCI GANG then whisper to somebody they will invite you or you can just whisper me(Steelsweet/Smokepurpp). 

There are some simple rules:

  • Don't be an total asshole
  • Respect others
  • Speak english

Thank you for reading it! :)

PS.: Sorry if i messed up somewhere, my english is not perfect.

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