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Guild Migration - DPS Power Ranking

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Hello there,

I have started a project to bring my guild from a WotLK server to a MoP one and discover all raids. Most of them never played the xpac, and i haven't since retail. I tried to come up with a tier list to give them an idea of the meta so they can pick their class but beside "affliction, arcane top tier" and "shadow priest trash tier". I can't find consistent data. So i was wondering if anyone could help me. I already created an empty tier list if anyone wants to help me out. Thank you.


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Hey @Sorcroc! These are my opinions, mainly focused on 10 man since on 25 man you can have everything, don't really need to be picky about classes.

First of all your tanks need to know that unlike in WotLK their job in MoP is not only to hold aggro and not die on bosses, but to make use of Vengeance as much as possible. So with that in mind:

  1. Prot Paladin: high dps/raid utility/can help out with healing, best solo tank
  2. Prot Warrior: high raid utility, has the best off talents for dps when you need to solo tank a boss
  3. Brewmaster Monk: second best solo tank, but offers less raid utility and if they need to off spec dps warrior is just better
  4. rest of the tanks are pretty close to each other


  1. Disc Priest: completely busted in MoP,  best solo healer, also does quite a bit of dps which can be very important
  2. Resto Shaman: best aoe healer, best raid utility with all the totems and cooldowns
  3. rest of the healers are pretty close to each other


  1. Warrior: Fury is very strong in single target, Arms in aoe, regardless of spec their utility is just way too powerful with banners and rallying cry
  2. Rogue: insane single target dps IF the player uses all the pre-pull stuff (same goes for Enhancement Shamans)
  3. rest of the melees are pretty close to each other in dps and usefulness 

Caster dps heavily depend on their progress in the legendary quest chain and ability of snapshotting buffs, keep that in mind. Other than warlocks the dps output of most of the ranged specs are pretty close to each other, obviously there are fights where certain specs are better than others, but in general:

  1. Warlock: broken dps on both Affli and Destru, insane self defensive cooldowns which make them practically immortal, very good raid utility with healthstones, summoning stone, demonic gateway and combat rez 
  2. Elemental Shaman: broken raid utility with all the totems/raid buffs and cooldowns such as ancestral guidance
  3. Survival Hunter: can bring pretty much any raid buff that you're missing with pets, no dps loss while moving so they can do every boss mechanic so your other dps don't have to do anything and can focus on dpsing
  4. rest of the rangeds are pretty close to each other in dps and usefulness, but don't forget that you might need someone that can switch to off spec healing on certain boss fights that require 3 healers until you outgear them

You can use https://tauriprogress.github.io/ or https://mop.tauribay.hu/ to see the biggest dps whores logs if you want. But if you're progressing I would mostly only recommend looking at comps from a year ago from guilds that were progressing at that time, to give you an idea what they were prioritizing back then.


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I´ve played fury warrior on another mop server and started playing here recently, but on the dps i must say fury is really good in single target (one of the best imo) and cleave damage (2-3 target is also good), but lacks a bit in aoe, but its hella fun because u can crit 1,5m+ on some abilities. 

The top dps of my guild were always fury warr, unholy dk, assasin rogue, ret pala and destro lock

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