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Help unlocking pandaria?

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Hey, sorry if this kind of question is forbidden or is in the wrong section, but I am stuck for some time now. I have tried doing all the quests from the board to try and unlock pandaria, and after completing all the mount hyjal quests (as they were the last ones on the board), i am currently stuck on what else there is left to do as I thought the art of war would be the only quest left now. I have included screenshots here showing that I have no quests left in mt hyjal, that the board is showing a gray exclamation mark and that the only 2 quests left are those that require dailies. My question is am I supposed to finish these dailies quests to unlock pandaria or did I mess something up along the way? And if so, is there a faster way to finish the dailies instead of waiting every day for quest?  again sorry for the retarded question but I really want to unlock pandaria and am stuck as I am a new player

also at the firelands invasions quest, I did all the quests at malfurions breach, and there are no more left, so I am confused as where to go


p.s. I have done a loooot of googling and can't seem to find what the problem is, I didn't just jump on here immidiately 

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