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Combat mode system broken?

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Hi, I am a new player on Tauri and like what this server has to offer overall. One problem that I'm seeing here and didn't see on other servers is the combat mode (meaning when the player is actually aggroed and being attacked). There are many areas in the game where static mobs (mobs that are enemy to you but don't move/attack, e.g. cocoons, tentacles) are not doing anything but you are in combat mode indefinitely after you are getting near them. Also, if you aggro a mob and run, and the mob attacks another NPC or player, you will also remain in combat mode indefinitely no matter how far you move from it; you will need to return back and kill it to remove combat. This is obviously not right and messes up the experience since you need to do workarounds to fix it.

Is this a well known issue on Tauri, or...?


P.S. Excuse my noobish WoW knowledge, if any, I'm a new player.

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