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So I've encountered an issue , didn't know where to post this  that's why I chose off topic , I got sale pending mails from the AH , everything normal , I didn't think much of it at first but  I didn't get my gold in an hour like I was supposed to , the mail just stayed there for a day then disappeared , never got my gold or my herbs back , didn't care that much at first , thinking I will get them eventually or maybe I was blind and got it and didn't realize ,  it was worth like 50 gold , 3 days later I encounter the same problem 24 hours since the mail , didn't get the gold and it's not like it was 50 gold and I couldn't notice , it was around 150 I think I could have seen the change in gold if I got it , somebody told me that maybe I got scammed by somebody who discovered an exploit or it might be a bug or something , nobody I talked to ever had this problem. What can I do ?

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