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How to report issues or abuse - READ THIS


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If you were sent to the forums because of a personal issue (with characters, quests, items, etc), to report someone else's behavior, or to apply as a streamer, you're in the right place. You can log in at the top right corner using your regular Tauri account. You will be able to see the individual sections and open topics in them after logging in.

How do reports work?

All topics in this section are visible only to Tauri staff and the person who opened the topic. This is true for cases/reports in progress and already closed ones. Thanks to the forum format, you are able to reply to any ongoing cases, and you should definitely check your cases because our staff might ask you for additional info. If there is not enough information available in your topic, and you fail to provide necessary details after being asked to do so, we are unable to help.

Formal requirements

In all topics, you should always list the names (character name + REALM, account name if known/relevant) of all affected players and the exact date of the events, and if someone suffered financial harm, include the exact amount. Some cases might require reference links (such as Armory) or image proof (screenshots - but there are cases where you can amp it up with video proof)

Requirements concerning screenshots:

All screenshots submitted to us must be full, high quality and uploaded to a reputable host. We are unable to accept edited (cropped, covered, manipulated) or pixelated (saved thumbnail) images and low quality phone photos as image proof. Our forum allows you to upload files with your posts, and we strongly recommend using this feature over any third party solutions, but if you have any issues with it, you can always upload your images to Imgur, even into a single album (under each other), and add the link to your topic.


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