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Mists of Pandaria on Mac

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Downloading the client files

Mac minimal client

Windows full client - Torrent

The following guide was tested on Catalina and older versions. We'll be following updates, but can't guarantee that this guide is always precisely up to date.

1. Minimal or full client?

For Mac, there is no dedicated full client torrent that we know about and also has seeders. However, the Windows full client works perfectly fine if you extract the .apps from the minimal into it, and launch the game through World Of Warcraft-64.app. The minimal client doesn't have to be torrented, as it downloads itself while playing, but requires an extra step to make it work - more on that later.

2. Gatekeeper, damaged file

Video guide (in Hungarian)

Automation script for this step (in English and Hungarian - thanks to Viktor Váczi for the video and script)

Mac operating systems have a built-in protection, called Gatekeeper, against .apps that are downloaded from the internet and don't have a trusted digital signature - and sadly, this client is one such .app, so Gatekeeper will tell you it is damaged when you try to open it. There are two possible solutions for this, adding the WoW .app to Gatekeeper as an exception or disabling Gatekeeper altogether.

First, open a terminal window.

Adding a Gatekeeper exception

The command:
sudo spctl --add "/full/path/to/World Of Warcraft-64.app"
The quotation marks are important! If you don't know the full path, you can drag the .app from Finder into the terminal window and the path will be copied after the command. If you did it correctly, it will ask for your password (which you then have to enter), else you'll get an Invalid API object reference error. Of course, if your OS supports it and you prefer that, you can add the 32 bit .app as an exception too and use that to play the game.

(Alternative command for convenient administration later:
spctl --add --label "WoW" "/full/path/to/World Of Warcraft-64.app" )

Disabling Gatekeeper

If you don't ever want to bother with Gatekeeper and its exceptions again, you can just kill it altogether.
The command:
sudo spctl --master-disable
If you enter this correctly, it will ask for your password, and after correctly typing it, Gatekeeper will not scan .apps downloaded from the Internet ever again. If you ever change your mind about this, you can re-enable Gatekeeper using the --master-enable command, but then you'll have to add WoW manually as an exception.


spctl --status checks if Gatekeeper is currently turned on
spctl --list shows all current Gatekeeper rules, World Of Warcraft-64.app should appear in a line beginning with "Allow Execute"

3. The file is still damaged!

Under Catalina, the file will remain damaged even after dealing with Gatekeeper. Luckily, this can be solved with a single terminal command.
The command:
xattr -cr 
"/full/path/to/World Of Warcraft-64.app"
Again, if you don't know the full file path, you can drag and drop the .app from Finder into the terminal window.

4. Launching the full client

If you've downloaded the Windows full client and extracted the Mac .app files into it, you now have to add write permissions to the entire folder recursively (else none of your settings will be saved), and launch the client using World Of Warcraft-64.app. If you've done everything correctly so far, the client should launch and you can log in and play.

5. Launching the minimal client (Failed to download data / constant disconnections on one character)

As a first step, you also have to add write permissions to the entire folder, but here that won't be enough. Opening the .app will either do nothing or say that it cannot download necessary data.

The solution is to download this file, drop it into your WoW folder (next to the .apps), if it asks you if you want to overwrite existing files, press yes, then IMMEDIATELY remove all write permissions from the WoW.mfil file (command: chmod 555 "/full/path/to/WoW.mfil", if you still have your terminal). If that file's contents aren't exactly what they need to be, or if the file can be written by the WoW client itself, the client won't work and fail to start OR constantly disconnect you while playing.

When starting the game for the first time, just double clicking the .app might not be enough. You may need to view its contents, then go into Contents/MacOS, and launch World of Warcraft-64 there.


6. Support

Previous discussion topic, mostly in Hungarian, if anything changes, this is likely where the solution will be found

I don't have a Mac, never had one, most likely never will. I can handle a terminal, but if you mess up some command, I can only tell what's wrong if you send me a full, UNEDITED, UNCROPPED screenshot of the command and its full output. Certain parts of this guide are based on players' experiences, and some of the content linked here was created by players - I cannot guarantee that these will be updated or remain 100% trustworthy.

Otherwise, this guide was tested and works up until Catalina if every step is executed correctly. Since all of them have distinct error messages, it's quite easy to figure out which step you're stuck on.


Have fun!

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