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We're a recent Lvl 25 pve/social guild looking to transition into the end-game phase via establishing a Core Group. The core group will comprise of guildies progressing on end-game content and completing weekly guild challenges/events/world-bosses etc. Hence looking to recruit a patient, growth-oriented person to operate as Lead.

Requirements: end-game focused (min. level to apply is 85+), familiar with organizing and running guild events in a RESPECTFUL manner, needs to operate in capacity of Raid Lead (and all responsibilities associated with it)


  • Recruitment of max-level/near max-level players looking to start progression (Understand that this is a key accountability and is very hard on a private server. You will be starting from scratch.)
  • Ensure quality of core group members (both in terms of raid-readiness +  real-life mindset. We have strict no-toxicity policy no matter how high the dps/ilvl/achivs)
  • Establish and maintain regular roster and PvE events schedule
  • Establish objective and fair Loot Rules

If interested to apply or want to know more, direct message me here in Forums OR you can get in touch with me in-game (search for any horde toon with " mystiq* ")


For the sake of full transparency, I'm fully aware that even established guilds don't find it easy to have full rosters and have to plug-in gaps during raid time on Global chat. The idea behind this forum post is to convey that this role will only suit someone with a mid-term mindset and obviously someone with a mature outlook. Anyone looking for a power-trip will not find it here as I'm only interested in results + respectful treatment of guildies. The core group should comprise of players who know their class/role exceptionally well and are proactively raid-ready (gear/profs/tacts/attendance). The Lead should have a guiding mindset to ensure that the core group reaches this point but at the same time don't do the work for them. Understand that I'm looking for a core guild group, sure in the beginning with LFR there will be non-guild runs but once progression starts it has to be guild-only.



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[Starting Steps] A possible raid (MSV) has been planned for Sunday 2pm server time depending on whether we have enough people signing up on the Guild calendar. If not the weekend, then definitely something next week.

I've posted a recruitment message on Tauri discord as well.

If there are any Active (Friendly + teamplay-oriented) near-max lvl players interested in being part of the core team, please do join us. You can get in touch with Powerower for invite/details.  You can also find me ingame (/who mystiq) for the same.

Happy hols!


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