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Cryska    0


I would to task about new patch/update content. Now is 5.1 with 3 raids open and main continent. Do u know date of update for new raid/isles?


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Asgaard    132

It really depends how they want to release it.  @Chris said some of the content will be available for testing at the middle/end of this month. Nothing is on the PTR yet, so there is a lot of testing to be done. 
If they want to release IoT/IoG alone, I would say the end of May could be realistic. As for the raid... if they release it in quarters (eg.: Last Stand of the Zandalari first then Forgotten Depths etc.) that could happen in May/June as well, since the first 2 bosses are done and the third is being developed atm. If they want to release it in one go that would take a couple of months due to a lot of bosses not being done + the testing takes time.

Hopefully one of the devs sees this and maybe tells us how they plan to do it. @Higi

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