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5 találat

  1. Bubblious

    Storm of Vengeance PvE guild, Alliance

    <Storm of Vengeance> is recruiting members for a new raiding group. We're an international english speaking guild. Currently we're in need of every class and spec. We will do all raids in normal and when ready Heroic. The're is no requirement to join us. If you play pvp you're also welcome in our guild. During the raids we use discord to communicate. Tactics can be explained if needed. If you're interested to join us you can PM me here, on discord: Kenzy#2260 or in game: Bubblious, Kènzy or Búlletproof. ( for more info you're more then welcome to message me aswell)
  2. <Council of the Phantom> (3/12 on Tauri-Alliance) is recruiting! We are an international English-speaking guild accepting people for our core raiding team to further progress in ToT! In need of tanks and healers but dps is also welcome! Raid time is around 8.00 PM server time. If you are interested in joining us, please leave reply or find me ingame @Orimath
  3. rilan

    LF Aussie guild to join

    ive been in a few guilds and i just cant seem to find a place to fit in since i live on the other side of the world and i miss alot of the raid times since its either really early in the morning or just after 6 in the morning for most raids could really use some help finding a guild that works in my timezone
  4. Hello! I am currently looking for a good Horde English/International PVE guild on Tauri-WoW server. Are there any English/International PVE guild in the server. If they are, please reply in this topic. Currently i am a 495iLevel DPS/Healer Monk with raiding experience!
  5. Elovidio

    [H] <Project Seventy> Level 70 PvE guild

    Greetings, The guild Project Seventy is under creation on the Evermoon realm. This guild will be created to build a small community of players loving PvE and twinking. Our aim is to make a progressive raiding project on the Burning Crusade raids. But at this time we are not enought players so we are looking for motivated and english speaking people to complete our raiding team. We need in priority tanks and healers but every dps is welcome to participate. There are some conditions in order to participate this project : 1-You can't join the guild if you are playing a post BC race (goblin and padaren) 2-You can't join the guild if you are playing a post BC class (Dk or Monk) 3-You can't join the guild if you are playing with heirloom gear If you want more informations or talk to myself this is my discord : duane#4842