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12 találat

  1. Looking For Members!

    Looking for members to join my group and guild. I'm going to start a guild asap but for now we looking for anyone who has started or is starting for grinds on Dungeons/Raids/PvP and Questing. If you like to join please see the requirements needed to join. After that Message Me On Here with your toons name. Requirements Needed: * Speaks English * Always Active within the group and channels * Has Discord Looking For: Tanks (PVP/RAIDS/DUNGONS/QUESTING) DPS (PVP/RAIDS/DUNGONS/QUESTING) HEALERS: (PVP/RAIDS/DUNGONS/QUESTING) Dungeons & Questing: Looking for people that can do questing and Dungeons and have a good knowledge of them. We will be doing Dungeons & Questing everyday for people who need gear and equipment. RAIDS & PVP: We will be looking for people for multiple groups of 10 to do Raid Groups & PvP. If you already geared up please contact us via messages on here. If you are not geared for PvP or Raids please consider looking at Dungeons & Questing to gear yourself up for basic stuff We will also message you our discord link so please join that asap.
  2. Upper limit of PVP

  3. LF Hunter duo partnert.

    Sziasztok! Név: Vazz faction: horda class: resto druid. 2200 aréna exp (2v2) jelenlegi rating: 2150. 3v3 exp 1900(wariként). Egy fasza huntert keresnék magam mellé, hogy legalább egy 2500-2600as ratinget elérjünk. TS legyen.
  4. PvP dead, suggestions how to bring people

    I've been playing on Tauriwow for about soon 2 weeks active everyday. I've enjoyed most of the content with custom nerfs for overtuned classes (warriors, dks, warlocks etc), catch-up system, working MMR system, banning cheaters/scripters, no pay2win, no unban/unmute option for people who donate, and my all time favorite, cross-server grouping/chatting. My only concern is that I barely see anyone do PvP on the server, which I really can't fathom because the server is very well scripted, which should be very appealing to PvP-ers, especially the custom tuning, which most servers actually lack. I've been to multiple servers trying to help out with bug reports and hand them smooth ideas on how to improve their server. I'd guess some of you already know who I am and where I come from and my past contribution to the servers I used to serve. If you want to know why I left their projects, you can always PM me on here or on Discord, I want to try to stay off-topic as much as possible, thanks. I'd love to get more people interested joining the server and to queue up for arena. This goes for 2s and 3s, I think BGs are fine during peak times. I also understand that you have a cross server, which means that if you prioritize realm X over realm Y, it will give them in most situations an unfair advantage. That's why I'd like to suggest something, which I hope you guys will find interesting. Most people, or most PvP-ers aren't interested in leveling. The RAF system is amazing for those who enjoys leveling, but still wants to do it a little bit faster. However, I think giving a shot at giving 1-3 level 90s to a person and perhaps give them starting gear (either Dreadful or full Malevolent and gear for only 1 character) would attract a lot more players than forcing them to level, spend 5-10+ hours leveling to 90 to find out that the server really wasn't really worth the effort. I think that would be a great start. This could be only for Warriors of Darkness, would make most sense. Opening another realm for this purpose only would be a waste. Maybe in the future if the population grows... perhaps tournaments could become a thing on the server. Something else to add would to increase the catch-up system from the current cap (which I believe is around 7-10k?) to around what Blizzard implemented, which was around 30k, but that would equal to almost full gear. In my honest opinion, I think around 17-24k would make sense. This gives new players a chance to catch-up in PvP to gain rating. Right now for instance, I'm still very undergeared, which I don't mind, but if I were to fight a very good team, I would normally never stand a chance. Considering it's so deep into the season, a normal player would not be able to push rating because of low gear. Something else I would want to suggest is migrate from other servers to this server. Speaks for itself I guess. Move a character from another server to Tauri. I guess it's a win - win situation for both. I really do see things happening here, I do see big potential for Tauriwow with this. Best Regards; Vidar/Repitchx P.S: My Discord if you want to contact me Repitchx#8183
  5. Rated battleground Map.

    Hali szeretnék érdeklődni mikor szándékoztok vissza tenni Arathi Basin, illet Eye of Storm mapokat rated bgre. Ha jól emlékszem Nimphel hisztizett anno mert nem szerette az a két bgt és kivettétek viszont se Nimphel se Destro nincs már és a League of Gladiators guild nevében szeretnélek megkérni titeket ,hogy tegyétek vissza ezt a két bgt ratedre. Off : Majdnem minden (heti 4-6 nap [vasárnap este 8tól fix rated bg]) 20:00-tól várja rated battlegroundra az ellenfeleket a League of Gladiators guild.
  6. [I'm HUN]LF EN PvP guild

    I like this wow server the most and I'm Hungarian but I prefer english communities. If an english PvP guild is looking for a solo Resto(main)/Feral Druid PM Reverzy
  7. Hunter PVP

    Sziasztok! Nektek mi a véleményetek a hunter jelenlegi helyzetéről a pvp-t illetően? Melyik talentet használjátok és miért? Pro-k és kontrák az egyes spec-ek ellen? Utánaolvastam és kérdezősködtem, meg a laddert néztem, és ezek alapján az SV és MM talenteket használják döntően. Ugyebár az SV-nél hátrány, hogy a dot-jai dispellelhetőek, így meg lehet fosztani a dps-ének és az LnL proccjának egy részétől, viszont ha a procc bejön akkor elég szép burstöt tud lenyomni. Az MM-nek kontrollosabb a burstje, és szintén szép nagy dmg-je van. Nekem az SV-t ajánlották, viszont kipróbálom az MM-et is. Nektek melyik talent vált be?
  8. The Foreskins

    Hello Everybody. I would like to invite you to our Guild The Foreskins from Evermoon, We are a Social PL/ENG guild(Mostly PL), but everyone is welcome. We want to make a raid groups in the future, whisp to Galmen/Vendra for more information or if you want to join us
  9. Ptr buff

    Javasolnám,hogy a ptr-re bekerült buffokat,(Instákon belül elérhető,npc adja 500%dmg boost absorb shield stb...) Vagy vegyétek ki vagy fixeljétek meg mert az instából bármikor ki lehet jönni buffal együtt,és sokan ezt pvpre használják.
  10. Nerfek

    Sziasztok ! Az lenne csak a kérdésem, hogy a warrit legyengítették-e ? mert egy ideje nem tudtam játszani (kb1 hét) de azt mondta arénatársam h kb kaki a warri dmg-e , ami rossz hír lenne, és nem akarok belefolyni itt a mutogatásba.. h warri így warri úgy, mert szerintem pont hogy korrekt volt a dmg-e, tudnék sorolni 10 másikat ami kb instant castokkal többet ver egy arénán mint a warri full bursttel... de a kérdésem csak ez lenne: Lett-e vmi durva nerf a warira rakva/ ha igen mikor lesz "javítva" ? Előre is köszi a választ
  11. Druid - Symbiosis Bug

    Hello... Thanks for this well-scripted server first of all... I just started here and me and my friend having fun while we enjoy the server's blizzlike quality... The thing is I have realized a cricital bug about Druid's Symbosis ability. Sorry I am bringing it up here but I really tried to open a bug report on and I couldnt find "open new report/task" option anywhere... To summarize my problem; Symbiosis, as described here should persist through death but it doesnt. The buff goes off when I die in an instanced pvp (battleground so far). Also if the person who I used my Symbiosis on dies, the buff disappears again. And again the buff of Symbiosis disappears not only with death but also with range... If I go too far away from the person that I used my ability on (symbiosis), I lose my Symbiosis ability and the buff... It becomes frustrating in an instanced pvp to cast Symbiosis on people around myself all the time... This ability shouldn't be like this as I recall my retail Mop experience with druid... Thanks for your time for reading my report, I hope it is fixed in future...
  12. PvP

    Sziasztok! Valaki magyarázza már el nekem legyen kedves,hogy miért nem foglalkoznak a PvP-vel? Az egy dolog,hogy a 3v3 arenán alig van csapat,arról a TT nem tehet,de az már kezd idegesítő lenni,hogy egyes classoknak "kiemelkedő" damage van. Miért van az,hogy arénán,hogy warriorok,magek 2-3x annyit ki tolnak mint pl.:feral,balance,retri stb. Elvileg a patch/season eltolódás mindenkire vonatkozik. Miért nem lehet a gyengébb classokat kicsit felbuffolni,hogy esetleg legyen keresnivalójuk arénán,mert jelenleg szinte minden teamben szerepel egy warrior vagy mage. Sok ehhez kapcsolódó "Feature Request"-et olvastam a Bugreportok között,de valamiért sosem kaptak ott az emberek választ valamelyik fejlesztőtől. (ui.: A félreértések végett tisztázzuk: Többnyire palázok (szóval meg fogok kapni a """cry topic"""-ot tudom jól. Catában jöttem a szerverre,és szinte minden hónapban befizettem az a kemény 800 kreditet a VIP-re,ennyivel hozzájárulva a szerver működéséhez.Ezek után olyan nagy KÉRÉS egy fejlesztőtől VÁLASZ-t kapni?(Ahogy láttam bugreportok alatt szinte soha nem érkezett válasz/hozzáfűznivaló az ilyen jellegű kérdésekre!) Köszönöm. Szép napot!