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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have experienced a serious bug in Legendary quest chain given by Wrathion of Black Prince. Once I have taken quest 'Incoming...' I could not complete it though I followed the script. Here is the description of the quest https://prnt.sc/10jmaga I was supposed to listen to the NPC and then get quest completed but after the script was over the quest was still 'in progress' If abandon and take this quest again nothing happen as well. Please help to resolve this issue cause otherwise the whole Legendary quest chain goes in vain Here is how it looks now, no clue how to finish, NPC gives the quest and it remains uncompleted. https://prnt.sc/10jmceo I tried to report in the Bug Section but nothing happened. https://bug.tauriwow.com/
  2. Hi there Tauri-Team, First off, thank you for all the hard work and efforts you put into the server. It's really great and awesome, it's a fun experience and thank you for that. I recently encountered a bug with the "Spirit of the Storm Lord" quest whereby i'm unable to turn in the quest to Wrathion after completing the pre-requisites. (C/F attached). I have already done the relogs, tried to abandon and redo the quest multiple times but to no avail. Seek your assistance. Thank you so much and have a good day ahead! Zy
  3. Mivel szeretnék venni karaktert, aminek még nincs befejezve a quest, de nem tom, h érdemes lenne e így.
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