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Found 9 results

  1. Nos, próbáltam megszerezni a fent említett staffot transmognak. Szépen végig is vittem a questlinet a The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered nevű questig. Ez után jönne a final quest, amiben meg lehet szerezni a staffot, de nem adja ki az npc. Mással is volt ilyesféle probléma? Lehet valahogy elölről kezdeni a questlinet vagy valami gm nem tudná valahogy odadobni nekem? Előre is köszönöm a segítséget :)
  2. When I arrive there all the npcs are there but nothing's happening. Tried abandoning and taking the quest again. Doesn't work. Pls fix.
  3. Hi. Im trying to do Vorsha the Lasher quest in ashenvale, but when I escort the orc to the island and put out the fire in the brazier nothing happens.
  4. So there's 2 resupplying the Excavation quests. I take them. I go to the quests, question marks appear on the map, but not above anyone's head. There's nothing to click on. I tried abandoning the quests and taking them again, which usually works, but it didn't.
  5. So I'm on a Night Elf and as far as I know gadgetzan, just like the other 3 goblin towns, is neutral for both factions. But when I go to take a quest, Bulkrek Ragefist, a horde flight Master close to the quest giver, one shots me every time. Why the fuck is this happening? Is this how it always was or is this a bug or something? Like I said, this is sopposed to be a neutral town. The horde flight Master in booty bay never attacked me. Can you fix it please?
  6. So I'm doing ysondre's call in feralas and I arrive at the place, but the question mark, on the map, is to the right of Ysondre. But it isn't above her head, so I can't click on her. I can't do anything. I tried abandoning the quest and trying again, but the same thing happens every time
  7. As per the title, I am unable to skip any cut scenes at all. Pressing the escape key does nothing. Strange thing is when I log in with a different account, it works just fine. I have tried deleting WTF, Cache and removing all AddOns to no avail. I have had the issue since the start of playing on that account, I figured at first that you just couldn't skip the starting cut-scene the first time you played but now its getting a bit tiresome watching the post immerseus cut-scene week after week whilst the rest of my raid are waiting to pull. Very frustrating to have an account level issue related to that, only thing I can think of is the keybind being overwritten or something but I would have thought deleting those game files would have reset to defaults. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks :)
  8. Sziasztok! Most kaptam meg az achievement-et, hogy meg lett az 50 mount, ezzel csak 1 probléma van... Az, hogy nincs meg. Tudna valaki segíteni, hogy most mégis miért nincs meg? Mert ez a mount nekem elég sokat jelent a nosztalgia miatt... A segítséget előre is köszönöm
  9. Sziasztok. Érdeklődnék lehetséges-e, hogy bugol a conquest rendszer? Én jelenleg 1700+os raitingel közel 1800 conquestet tudok kiszedni (ami normális szerintem), viszont többen jelezték, hogy 1000 raiting alatt vannak és 2000 felett van a heti max kiszedhető capjük. Ma reggel pedig egy ismerősöm aki még nem is arénázott a heti kiszedhető capje 5200ra ment fel conquestből. Erről tud valaki valamit?
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