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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, at first installing new AddOns with the Tauri Launcher (for MoP) was working properly. But when I wanted to add additional AddOns I got the following error message (see attachement). So far I have tried the following solutions: I have restarted the launcher, logged out and back in. And scan&repair did not fix the problem either. Of course, restarting the pc didn't help, as well. Any ideas?
  2. Hi! I'm trying to configure TSM to work on this server but TSM AppHelper obviously doesn't work so the command DBMarket doesn't work either and I've been using that command on retail WoW, now that I'm playing on TauriWoW I don't know what command should I put instead. I usually use Shopping operation to buy at 60% DBMarket and sell it using minimum 80% DBmarket for Crafting Mats, what command should I use instead of DBMarket for that? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Sziasztok! MoP eleje óta használom a Weak Auras nevű addont. Mostanáig tökéletesen működött, viszont tegnap, amikor belogoltam az egyik karakteremmel, az összes beállításom eltűnt. Nem értem, mi történhetett, nem állítgattam semmit egy ideje, új addonokat se kezdtem használni. Az a kérdésem, hogy vissza lehet-e állítani valahogy az elveszett adatokat, vagy újra be kell állítani mindent? Előre is köszönöm a segítséget.
  4. This is my entire library of weakauras, for WeakAuras 2. Includes about 1900 individual auras, for every class and the majority of specs. Feel free to modify them to fit your own needs and UI. Unzip and install at [wow folder]/WTF/Account/[account name]/SavedVariables It is not compatible with any existing weakauras you already have, unless you are willing to open up the file and do some editing. I have not investigated the possibility of this so I would recommend making backups before attempting it. (Also, you should backup your WTF folder just generally speaking. Client crashes sometimes wipe out addon settings, and sometimes it will be all your weakauras at once.) If want a specific weakaura or group to add to your existing ones, and it's one I have already, I am willing to export it as a shareable string upon request. I will not, however, export my entire library into strings. It is a bunch of busywork, often involves reorganizing groups, and I don't believe there is much demand for it, besides. Notes: There are a couple weakauras which specify some of my own characters' names in their load conditions. Obviously you should change those if you want to use them, but they're not particularly well made weakauras in the first place, so. Several weakauras are set to never load. It is usually because they are obsolete, or because they serve no gameplay purpose. However, take special care with the group Warlock Apotheosis. I disabled that one because it was interfering with all weakauras and causing lua errors while playing Demonology spec for no reason I could quickly ascertain, and I have been procrastinating on going back to fix it. A list of specs for which my weakauras are mostly or entirely nonexistent: Feral Guardian Marksmanship Fire Holy Paladin Enhancement WeakAuras.lua.zip
  5. Eléggé sok addont hiányolok a Tauri Launcherből, olyan addonokat, amik alapvetőek a számomra és lehet más számára is (például Wholly, Grail, HoloFriends, MogIt, oPie, Skillet, TipTac, ProfessionsVault, ButtonForge, stb). Vannak olyan addonok, amiknek a corejai fent vannak, de egyéb részei nem (például AckisRecipeList szakmák, Atlas térképek, stb). Szívesen segítenék kiegészíteni. Én magam letöltöm és feltelepítem magamnak ezeket curseről vagy más oldalakról, de az átlag felhasználó ezt annyira nem tudja.
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