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  1. You are more "pussy" if you think that your mouse can cuts your finger if you flag yourself. Seriously do you really think that you're the only one that wants to do world pvp? Of course not. So don't worry, other players will flag themselves and you will be happy. You know that TauriWoW is a "safe place" and everyone knows it (a lot of experience, high quality of scripting). So don't worry that many other people who want the world pvp like you will arrive here. Have a nice day
  2. I believe that two realms are the best solution. "Do you want to play with the original style of WOTLK? Come here and get ready to massacre the Horde or the Alliance!" "Do you want a quieter experience? More casual and relaxing? Come here!". And anyway, even in the PvE Realm anyone can flag himself PvP. Why all these problems? It does not change anything. And it's not that a PVP player is better than a PVE player and vice versa. Peace.
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