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  1. So my dislike of PvE (Normal) was based on lack of understanding...
  2. My bad. So then the difference between PvE and PvP is only that you can flag off in contested (PvE) while in PvP you can't?
  3. People like PvP because of world pvp while leveling. If someone is going to grief they'll find a way to do it regardless of pve/pvp rules. EDIT: could there be a way to implement a sistem to opt in and out of world pvp with a relog, so that people who want pvp can do it and vice versa? That way both sides would be content
  4. Warmane pulled it off my murdering lordareon for the sake of donators. I mean when it comes to leveling with professions you can do it while evading pvp and in the end do dungeons and raids. Everyone goes to STVietnam, Tanaris and WInterspring for pvp anyway
  5. For the love of God make it PvP. More people prefer PvP anyway and with that the server might have an influx from other servers which in turn may make it a happy place for both PvP and PvE
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