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  1. The whole voting thing was Fake from the beginning, it was always gonna be pvp no matter what, and the whole fake vote thing is just a way for them to make sure it stays that way, they just wanting to see the demand for pve for their future realm but it was decided from the start, because they wanna play it safe since pvp realms worked for most other servers.
  2. yeah right and i voted 600 times for pvp, fuck off dude
  3. the whole voting thing is such a april fools joke, pve wins and they still make it pvp, just make it pvp in the first place instead of removing votes cause u dont want it to be pve. wtf tauri, who believes that crap about filtering fake votes, when you can just change the end result to whatever the fuck you want.
  4. i love how people make such big of deal out of something boring and worthless such as world pvp, that 90% of the people dont even give a shit about.
  5. pretty much what i expected, most of the pvp voters seem to be trolls anyways
  6. just make it pve, world pvp is for noobs anyways, if you cant even do duels, arenas or bgs and have to rely on ganking lowbies or undergeared players that neither have pvp gear or even the slightest interest in doing pvp to begin with, dont even bother doing pvp at all, its just pathetic.
  7. most of the world pvp is done by ganking lowbies or undergeared players, no1 that does world pvp picks a fight they dont have a huge advantage in, arent sure themselves that they will win, its just common sense. havent really played pve servers alot but i fear that it can be very annoying for farming stuff
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