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  1. Hey, join the Tauri discord there is guildfinder channel with alliance NA guild recruitting.
  2. They are not implemented on crystalsong? Because i recall quests (even if there are barely any) pre cata http://wotlk-shoot-new.tauri.hu/?quests=1.361 https://classic.wowhead.com/felwood#quests:0+1+2
  3. It was mentioned briefly on discord that essentially the work on legion was halted until Crystalsong is out, it will continue 1 month after launch of said realm, in what capacity i cannot tell.
  4. @noyr What's the show you are watching in your links? Apologies for offtopic.
  5. Oh sorry i thought we were posting anecdotes, like world pvp being relevant. That 40% seems highly optimistic, maybe ask the same question in tauri discord as well?
  6. oh wow more lag in the cities, why would i give a shit about world pvp on pve realm? Yep totally lying, stay in your bubble.
  7. Not on a horde side, i see flex runs even Normal mode runs frequently advertised on global channel, even alliance has them on occassion. For battlegrounds? No, realms are connected via cross realm for Bgs (and pve content like dungeons, LFR), there is at least dedicated pvp guild on each side on evermoon. Although uncommon there are still guilds doing older content, strawberry kisses aussie guild still doing ToT progress as far as i know. it's 4x xp rate atm and be can be raised further with recruit a friend on website, it's pretty quick if you quest, since dungeons are crossrealm they are tied to tauri realm's xp rate it's usually not worth doing them.
  8. What is the point of 400+ players extra who refuse to use english? It adds nothing beyond LFR/BG warm bodies.
  9. Maybe because people don't want to see hungarian chat 24/7 "ELADO KARAKTER" spam and world pvp? The whole merging of realms has been discussed to death, people are opposed to it.
  10. Since we know for certain that the raid content will be buffed (SOMEHOW TM) i was curious to see opinion on the matter if people prefer buffed content or not in general for Wotlk.
  11. Check out Tauri discord, there is a guildfinder channel in wotlk section.
  12. I am sorry you didn't took time to read any of the poll questions, clearly i was being serious about it.
  13. Now why would you say such a mean thing.
  14. Careful now or the greench might close this poll too. No critical thought or poking fun is allowed. Let's make poll about crystalsong after launch for realm type multiple times just like Evermoon.
  15. Hello, since people are actively discussing Crystalsong and it's authentic wotlk experience i was wondering how would you feel about an item shop. We have established so far that buffed content and transmog npcs are part of wotlk experience as well as World pvp. So why not add a shop as well?
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