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  1. I addressed your points in quotes, they are directed at your statements if they happen to disagree with your personal opinion then tough luck. That i am and what of it? Anyone can reply in this section, look at your idea "blizzlike" idea for the PVP tabard that is no longer obtainable, don't you care about others who worked hard for it? And now some rando can just buy it in shop? Tad hypocritical don't you think? Alright, see you later new friend.
  2. Where is the proof? They could just as easily aim for other title, AutismoQt Of the Horde / Alliance since you bring up that particular aspect of honor kills. Why not other BG related achievements? Yeah no shit people like to win. Why do you think lvl 19 twinks came into existence early on ? People love unfair advantage even if they deny it. What is there to develop? That is what blizzard had in mind all BG arena maps are there, if you have problem with the concept by all means give it some thought how to improve it and contact blizzard or suggest custom ideas here, it is hardly server's fault that PVP is the redheaded neglected child. Doesn't that basically answer everything? And drive away even more people away from PVP, brilliant. You are removing incentives instead of giving them. I have no idea where did your idea came from that people will magically abandon BGs and just stay queued in arenas or organize rated battlegrounds. The only instance where you can have healthy PVP scene would be retail, not only do you face people from your realm but also other realms within the battlegroup, pvp was always the second fiddle to raiding in terms of popularity. Simply put you need bigger population or dedicated pvp server.
  3. People are disgruntled due to chaotic development cycle and division of resources between two projects(Legion and Wotlk), one which seems to aim to please and bring in non existent player base. If you are talking about upcoming legion content then we are 1-2 years away from any tangible result (your tauri/evermoon,Warriors of Darkness characters will transition to that expansion so you lose nothing), if you are talking about russian spammer trying to promote their stock core legion then rest assured nobody gave two shits about it. In conclusion yes, it is still worth to play for MoP, people are still raiding and doing pvp.
  4. Frankly it is a terrible idea. Map itself changed (tanaris caverns of time and silithus), you would need to spawn mobs and re implement old resources , look up the whole event and implement it, etc... At the very best it would be a custom made event, something that would take away from Wotlk development and legion Another question would be, who would be interested in it? It's resource grind coupled with old raids. If you want to do it you can do it right now on Mrgl.
  5. Yep, your average forum visitor will know more than a dev himself.
  6. there are 2+ russian guilds on evermoon, "FireDragons" and "Разведчики с прицепом". There might be others.
  7. Did you try to install wod models? If so, it might not work with Ru client. Easiest fix would be to reinstall the client
  8. Sorry bud, i doubt anything can fix the faction balance, the only way to fix it is. Alliance stops being alliance. Learns a few boss mechanics and moves beyond LFR. Gets racials that are not trash. See you on the shore.
  9. Are you using your account name to log in instead of email? You should, if that is not the case.
  10. And here i thought we had a friendly banter, shared ideas like arm chair intellectuals that we are. Now i am sad, i thought we had something special between us, you know? Like a spark of long lost souls finding each other after eons of separation.
  11. You bitched loudly enough about evermoon too a while ago, but all right. How ? You do realize non hungarians play these realms or buy characters with achievements? (I pugged few raids on Tauri before crystalsong happened i should know). While i find the joke hilarious due to 150+ something population of wod, this forum is hardly the place to judge it.
  12. Different realm types, PVP and PVE. To you it may not make any difference at all to others it will, what is wrong with the freedom of choice?. Different rates 1x,2x,15x. Again not everyone wants the same rates. Since you mentioned old players, how many will have character slot issues when merges happen? And no you cannot simply just add them, you will need a custom client which is not going to happen any time soon, maybe with Legion, i pitched the idea of selling them in MoP as VIP function and it was not possible, just ask Higi. Crystalsong is a fantastic example what happens when active server gets mixed community, i see people complain about dungeons day and night, a guy is confused because he cannot understand the spoken language, or just gets kicked for daring to speak english in hungarian group because "xd migrans". From top of my head these.
  13. Amazing, you complained the first about it and now screech the loudest too bravo. You are the living proof buddy, screeching how i am in hungarian section while wanting merge, what do you think will happen, everyone will magically learn hungarian? Or vice versa where suddenly every player learns equitte and uses english? Server merging affects my gameplay since i play here you too you neuron starved simpleton, why would i care if you played past expansions or this your pathetic attempt at gatekeeping? You are trying to make an echo chamber and hope to appear to be a vocal majority while also forcing out server altering decisions from Chris that affect every player. The truth of the matter is there is no substance in your arguments, just cowardly tactics hiding behind "this is hungarian section for veterans ree".
  14. Projecting so hard even Batman can see it all the way from Gotham, nobody cares about your realm firsts (because that is the only reason you would care isn't it?) either, go suck on a coconut you inbred egomaniac.
  15. Can you autists merge realms after has legion arrived? I want to buy spidermount on launch thanks pumpkins. Btw is Avaren paid to be this retarded or is this just pro-bono?
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