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  1. Gondolom nem kerül sok erőforrásba egy második PvE realm, viszont 500 embernek nem tudom mennyire éri meg nyitni
  2. You were not on most of the time then. The vote was 50-50 from the very beginning, if PvP got ahead votes started coming in for PvE and the same happened the other way. We gotta wait until the devs figure out a way to scrap the fake votes
  3. Its the same for both pve and pvp.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/swPFoSJ https://imgur.com/a/4NBpXSr Anything else? Edit: Quests marked purple are repeatable quests for reputation or profession related.
  5. SFK and WC fixes were already out by the time you made this forum post. Ghostland invisible walls are not there for me. From the zones you mentioned I tested Searing Gorge which had one bug that I reported (escort quest) and the fix was out like 2 hours later. Apart from the escort quest the whole zone is working with no problems. I also went to Felwood and just completed the whole zone, again no "major issues" as you would say. I havent done dustwallow yet but considering how majority of what you said is bullshit I will not even bother to go there.
  6. You can kill flight masters and auction house NPCs even on PvE servers
  7. PvE realms are a joke tbh
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