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  1. Actually, writting this on the Confi.wtf file just fixed it. I don't really know how it works. If it happens again i'll try as you say SET realmlist "hu.logon.tauri.hu"SET locale "enUS"SET installLocale "enUS"SET patchlist "lightguard.tauri.hu"SET hwDetect "0"
  2. This is the image. Sorry. It just keep like that and nothing happens
  3. Hi. I logged this morning, i did a couple of dailys and also did LFR Forgotten Depths. Then i logout and a few hours later i tried to play once more, but i find out that i was enable to login on Evermoon. I can get into Warriors of Darkness, i actually created an Alliance character and seems to work all right. But, as i said, i can't play on Evermoon and i don't know why. Can somoone help me?
  4. Hi, a group of friends and i tryed to get the achievement from killing all alliance leaders, but Varian (either Gen) had'nt given the achievement.
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