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  1. In Glory of the Pandaria Raider, there's an achievement called Show Me Your Moves. When WoD hit, this achievement was removed from the meta alongside the Getting Hot in Here achievement. I'm humbly suggesting that Show Me Your Moves gets removed from the meta before WoD/Legion drops. The difference between this particular achievement being removed from the meta as opposed to the below pvp metas being removed is that Blizzard actively went ahead and did the removal already. Even if you disagree with this, thank you for reading my post. I appreciate all that the devs have done, and feel so much better (and cleaner) giving money to Tauri rather than Blizzard. Have a good one!
  2. If WoD doesn't survive, what happens to the characters on there? Do they get transferred elsewhere?
  3. When the Tauri overlords change Evermoon server to Legion, will the same thing happen to WoD or will it remain as-is?
  4. OMG! I love you! Thank you so much!! Went to TI, killed a few baby turtles than a big one and there it was! You're brilliant!
  5. I've been farming this stupid journal for over two days now. Nothing seems to drop it. Tried sha, mogu, did questing elsewhere. Is the drop rate even lower than it is in retail? Or is this a bug?
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