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    WoW Lag

    Hello, I have problems with WoW again every time I start the game, everything is normal, but the game almost always starts downloading files (I have the game downloaded full), it is always downloading something and it ruins the experience of the game since it only affects me to me that internet consumption, I have already verified it and my brother plays normal with 204ms while I cannot even move the character, as I am explaining it begins to download but in the game nothing comes out, the game starts consuming the internet and can't play.
  2. It doesn't work for me, I change it and it doesn't download the files I get the same thing that some files are missing in the Data folder
  3. I have a problem with the game when I change languages, in general I play in Spanish to be more comfortable, what happens is that when I play in Spanish whenever I open the game I get that the "Data / esES" files do not exist something like that, well I have to open the game many times so that it can open there are times that the game does not start and I get that error up to 20 times, but if I put it in English it starts normal with a single attempt. Could you tell me how to solve that sometimes the game suddenly closes when I am in raid and I always end up outside the group because the game does not start.
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