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  1. did u read the post ? i wasnt complaining about grinding 550 gear that is easy the problem is the trolls who join bg with lvl 85 green items and afk on purpose and alawys one side is less 4-6 players winning or losing both boring because of that, if u win u win so easy if u lose theres is nothing u can do because its 4 vs 10, imagine lfr not having the 496 ilvl requirement to que, all players would troll too joining with no gear at least they get timeless to que without that u will see more than 10 fresh 90 like in bg, they do it because they can, idk how hard is coding but i think having at least 476 pvp requiriment for bg would fix this problem bgs right now are unplayable winnig 4 vs 10 is boring and losing 10 vs 4 is frustating
  2. Lets talk About pvp in both factions, the current stat is boring exhausting for 1 reason , Players que with no gear and afk at base literally players que bg with 300 ilvl green lvl 88 items they dont even bother on getting timeless 496 no, players que with lvl 88 green items and afk at base, this cause always one side has 4-6 players afk or if they not afk they are still useless with lvl 88 green items, this makes all bg extremly boring and exhausting for both factions , 4 vs 10 is boring the bg ends in less than 5 minutes because players let them take all bases and just go next if they dont players leave and those who dont they get farmed until the bg ends, to fix this we need a requiriment like for LFR. Players cant join with lvl 88 green items they need at least 496 timeless gear to join LFR we need this for bg too players need at least at least 476 pvp gear wich u can buy for 200g a piece. PvP needs this to be fun, MoP is the best pvp exp for long but this lvl 88 green items players ruin every single bg winnnin 10 vs 4 is not even fun.
  3. Do people buy Vip to play? i dont think so only those who make transactions buy vip becasue they need vip for trade or seel chars for example, making a global crosfacction chat wont affect the services like vip. right now while im typing there is 350 on horde and 200 on alliance with the chat it will be line 550 players still a low amout of players but is better than 200 and 350 with 550 u can make some group of cour it wont be like in the day but u can play in the night for those who dont have time to play in the day
  4. Hello Since alliance and Horde can raid together for an undefined length of time they still cant comunicate betwen faction i sugest creating a new Global chanel called "LF Raids" ,"Raids" or smething like that when both alliance and horde cna chat together and make groups for raids ords or archievements or whatever , this will be really good if we have 500 n horde an 300 , with the new global chat they no longer be 550 and 300 thjey will be like 800 that will be better having for player to make groups faster is always better, this will also kinda fix the nbalance betwen facctions, some players dont want to play on horde they just play on the horde because there is more players in horde is this problem is kinda like a snowball every day i see less players on alliance , right now alliance and horde can raid together but we still need a chanel to cmunicate and make groups, i dont know if that is posible but if it is i really ask to consider, thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english
  5. a /global_es annoucement when u enter the game would be nice for those u speak spanish, recently Firestorm-garrosh died and peaople u speak spanishare wondering where are they giong to play now and people in the forums are talking about this server i think a lot of player who speak spanish will come to play here and for those who already paly here wuold be very nice
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