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  1. The ammount of people in full questing greens is crazy high right now. Politely pointing out that doing BG's is the most inefficient way to get honor often starts a flammewar.
  2. It feels like the playerbase is changing quite a lot since the whole corona thing started. LFR is, especially in the afternoon/evening, almost unplayable. Boxes/Thok... yes it was always a "special" experience but now its insanly frustraiting. The amount of deserters and people that dont even want to win in BG's increased massivly, tbh it starts to feel like retail. Dunno just my random observation, maybee im just imagining things. ^^ Edit: The amount of already running, losing BG's you join right now is insane. Im on a 8 games streak right now. You really feel forced to disable .bf faction just so you do not join all losing games of both sides.
  3. I read on the forum that tauri made changes to classes in pvp. Is their a place where I can read them?
  4. but but but I still dont have all queue bag mounts :.....(
  5. Dunno what happened but people in RDF recently start to bitch about "play with your proper spec" and similar stuff. I never had this bevor, usually nobody cares at all and everyone is happy about completing it as fast as possible. But since, I guess last week, I experienced multiple times that people get really toxic about, for example, me queuing as dps as mistweaver even if I do usually more dps than at least 50% of all DD's I encounter in RDF. Same happened to a RL friend of me that usually runs dungeons with his 565ilvl (or more, dunno the exact number right now) DD warrior as tank because its way faster that way and at this Ilvl it doesnt really matter anymore what you are doing in RDF.
  6. Well most seem to use BG's to farm gear or else you wouldnt see tons of half pvp geared toons right now. Easiest way to win at the moment is really just to quit every BG that has WoD toons stacked on the opposite faction and only play when they stack on your side. Edit: Thx for the tip with converting justice points, despite playing pvp for years I never thought about doing that ^^
  7. Is it true that players from WoD get honor gear for free? It feels really weird that they are in the same BG pool with everyone else if that is true. BG's are a place to farm your gear (if you dont want to grind the 3 rares for ages) and earn the stuff you wear. It also means that looking at the score board and counting who has more players from WoD is a good indicator for which side will win. So to not waste your time early in the season its better to quit every BG where you do not have more WoD players than actually play it.
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