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  1. pontos

    Cata Realm Speculations

    Bump. It's really sad how fast twinstar's server died taking into consideration how lively it was for the first month. Devs screwed up way too many things, I still believe a fresh Cataclysm server with actually well scripted end-game bosses would attract a large playerbase with a healthy race for RFs.
  2. pontos

    Cata Realm Speculations

    Looking at twinstar's release, it's safe to say there was (and still is) a very solid interest in a cata server lol. It's a shame the rates were x1 and it's now apparent the raid scripts aren't as great as they were expected, with endgame raid bosses dropping like flies. If tauri released a cata realm with a 4x RaF system I'm sure they'd get a very healthy playerbase with minimal advertising. Seriously, people underestimate the damage that x1 rates can cause to a server.
  3. pontos

    Cata Realm Speculations

    Twinstar is 200000000000000 times better than Atlantiss. Atlantiss has been absolute dogshit since 2015.
  4. pontos

    Cata Realm Speculations

    Twinstar just announced their plans to release an international Cata server in the following months. I guess that's that.
  5. pontos

    Cata Realm Speculations

    Still hypothetically speaking, would it be possible to either establish a RaF system or simply use higher rates? Your leveling content is amazingly scripted, but some people are just too jaded from leveling with all the recent failed servers.
  6. pontos

    Cata Realm Speculations

    If you advertised it as a progressive server I'm 100% sure it'd get over 1k steady pop, especially if leveling wasn't x1. There IS a tangible interest for a well scripted Cataclysm server, and right now Tauri has the absolute best reputation in terms of scripting quality. I really hope you consider the idea seriously, it'd be fucking amazing to play T11 again in a good state.
  7. pontos

    Cata Realm Speculations

    First of all, Tauri has Cataclysm fully scripted, so the amount of resources needed to put the server running would be relatively minimal. Secondly, Evermoon can't really be revived as it was a stillborn. Even in its first days it peaked at 500ish pop. There's simply not enough interest for a MoP realm, too many people regard it as a bad expansion because of pandas. Cataclysm on the other hand has had several popular realms in the past years. During its 4.2 release Atlantiss was peaking at regularly 3k players for the first month despite the terrible scripting level and no heroic modes being released. If tauri had released an international Cataclysm server at the time they were still progressing with cata it'd have been a giant success. Proven quality and a seemingly professional team, 2 important things that none of their competitors possess.
  8. pontos

    Cata Realm Speculations

    Wait, am I reading this wrong or do you mean there'd be no progression? Gating tiers behind established time frames would be ideal even if you have everything fully scripted from the get go. Other than that I fully support this idea and I can guarantee you that many guilds would migrate from atlantiss (which is a shitshow stuck at 4.2 for ages and doesn't deserve its pop) to tauri. I rolled on Evermoon at its release and enjoyed all the content I saw, but simply quit because the MoP release was delayed too much and we basically had no content to do at 90. The cata instances I've been to at that time though were all nearly perfect.