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  1. I wonder how a PvE realm with an altered PvP flag timer would feel like. Say, an hour instead of five minutes.
  2. Well, that's just how this game is. Inherently unfair forms of PVP do attract a certain crowd, but it also creates an opportunity for the rest to react to it. Stranglethorn vale can be fun if people actually care. When I have to compete with a member of the same faction, at least I can talk to him, or even group up. There is no way for me to interact with a PVE player from another faction - he might as well be a script that randomly kills mobs and despawns quest objects around me. Also, my faction still exists on the PVE server, so there's no real difference there. My point is, no matter what type of server people choose, they always have to sacrifice something, be that safety and peace of mind, of some aspects of gameplay.
  3. The flag system doesn't work - it never did. That's why Blizzard got rid of it eventually. Here's how it goes: You flag yourself for PVP. There is an opposite faction player doing quests and/or gathering resourses in the same area as you are. He is not flagged, so you can do nothing. He waits while you are vulnerable and kills you. By the time you get back and find him, his flag is down again, so you can't retaliate. Since you do quests in the same area, you will meet him multiple times. He does the same thing again and again. Are you having fun? Bonus points for seeing him in your RDF group afterwards. "World PVP" is not just ganking - more often than not, it's fighting for resource nodes, quest mobs and farm spots with players of your level. And on PVE realms, the competition is still there, but you can't interact with other players in a meaningful way - you just watch as an invulnerable chat-restricted character steals your chest while you can do nothing about it. Also, it strips you of decisions and restricts your gameplay. Some MMORPG.
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