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  1. I just had to uncheck MoP folder ,its fixed. Thank you
  2. hey there,I got a question regarding Tauri launcher , apparently it starts to download new files so I press on " Install " but it always stops at 99 % I dont know why is that and if you have any info to help me out,I would appreciate it Best regards
  3. adydaddy

    ERROR 134

    lel I must be blind ,I skipped the 1st link and scrolled down thx Aithne for help and guidance
  4. adydaddy

    ERROR 134

    but I dont see any specific file to download tauri launcher and I already have all required files for game
  5. adydaddy

    ERROR 134

    where can I find client repair tool ? thx for fast reply
  6. adydaddy

    ERROR 134

    Hey guys can anyone hel me out,every single day I have same issue.And in order to fix error 134 I need to reset my PC and after that I can continue to play WoW. I will attach screen and if anyone knows how to fix this error please let me know. Thanks in advance
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