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  1. Muy buenas, soy Zelgadys, estoy en la hermandad "LOS CARA MAXIMA", estoy haciendo esta propuesta porque creo que existe un problema generalizado a la hora de raidear usando LFR He visto que existen varias hermandades con gente que hablan español. Yo soy de España, concretamente vivo en Valencia. La idea de esta propuesta es poder realizar raids que tengan en comun: el idioma, el pais, el horario de juego (mañana, tarde, noche), y que esten suficientemente equipadas para ir a una determinada raid. No estoy diciendo nada de que la gente se cambie de hermandad, o que entren en tal o cual hermandad. Cada cual que este en la hermandad que quiera, o si quieren estar sin hermandad pues que esten sin hermandad. Todos sabemos las implicaciones que tiene dejar una hermandad cuando no se quiere, y todos sabemos las implicaciones que tiene entrar en una hermandad cuando no se quiere. La ventaja de este metodo es no tener que depender del buscador de raid (con todo lo que eso implica) y que este todo mas controlado: un lider de raid (que tendra que ser alguien que este preparado para ello, que no es mi caso), seguir unas guias oficiales (wowchackra o similar, todo en castellano) y que todo el mundo tenga un equipo minimamente decente. Creo (y digo solamente CREO) que si el juego deja ir a LFR es que se tiene un equipo minimo. En este caso en concreto esto lo estoy planteando para mi caso: español (mi idioma), españa, y por la noche a partir de las 22:30h. Lo planteo para mi caso porque he visto que hay otras personas que tambien hablan español, aunque no se de que pais son. Probablemente lo que estoy proponiendo tambien sirva para gente que este en otros casos, como por ejemplo otros horarios de juego. Yo en concreto he jugado en el oficial (los errantes y minahonda) desde la burning hasta pandaria (aunque no la termine) asi que se como va esto tanto para lo bueno como para lo malo. Y seguramente mucha gente que lea esto tambien lo sepa. Se que estamos en las fechas que estamos, a punto de entrar en JUNIO, y que el verano lo tenemos ahi. Eso tambien influye. En algunos casos la gente juega mas en vacaciones, en otros casos se van de vacaciones y vuelven en septiembre/octubre, etc. Cada persona es un mundo. Ademas el tema del coronavirus ha alterado los planes veraniegos de mucha gente. Yo en concreto es muy probable que en JULIO, AGOSTO y SEPTIEMPRE juegue poco o nada. Volveria en algun momento de SEPTIEMPRE o de OCTUBRE. Creo que esto es algo que puede hacerse si se apunta suficiente gente, y sobretodo si nos organizamos correctamente. Esta es la idea basica, posiblemente a los que esteis por aqui se os ocurran un monton de cosas mas. Poner aqui en el foro lo que se os ocurra para que esto funcione. Un saludo de Zelgadys NOW THE ENGLISH VERSION, THANKS GOOGLE TRANSLATOR Hello I am Zelgadys, I am in the guild "LOS CARA MAXIMA", I am making this proposal because I think there is a general problem when raiding using LFR I have seen that there are several guilds with people who speak Spanish. I am from Spain, specifically I live in Valencia. The idea of this proposal is to be able to make raids that have in common: the language, the country, the game hours (morning, afternoon, night), and that are sufficiently equipped to go to a certain raid. I am not saying anything about people changing their guild, or entering such and such a brotherhood. Each one who is in the guild that he wants, or if they want to be without guild, then they should be without guild. We all know the implications of leaving a guild when you don't want to, and we all know the implications of going into a guild when you don't want to. The advantage of this method is not having to depend on the raid search engine (with all that that implies) and that it is all more controlled: a raid leader (which will have to be someone who is prepared for it, which is not my case ), follow some official guidelines (wowchackra or similar, all in Spanish) and that everyone has a minimally decent team. I think (and I only say I BELIEVE) that if the game lets LFR go, it means that you have a minimal team. In this specific case I am proposing this for my case: Spanish (my language), Spain, and at night from 10:30 p.m. I propose it for my case because I have seen that there are other people who also speak Spanish, although I don't know what country they are from. Probably what I am proposing also works for people who are in other cases, such as other game schedules. I have specifically played in the official (the errant and minahonda) from burning to pandaria (although I did not finish it) so I know how this goes for both good and bad. And surely many people who read this also know it. I know that we are on the dates that we are, about to enter JUNE, and that summer we have it there. That also influences. In some cases people play more on vacation, in other cases they go on vacation and come back in September / October etc. Every person is a world. In addition, the coronavirus issue has altered the summer plans of many people. In particular, it is very likely that in JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER I will play little or nothing. Would return sometime SEPTEMBER or OCTOBER. I think this is something that can be done if enough people sign up, and especially if we organize ourselves correctly. This is the basic idea, possibly those of you around here can think of a lot more. Put here in the forum what you can think of to make this work. Greetings from Zelgadys
  2. Hello, Considering how the auction works, I think that something that is like the auction but on the contrary would be very useful. I detail it. At the auction you put something up for sale (whatever it is) and you can put the price you want to bid or buy directly. And they charge you for creating the auction a certain amount of gold. What if we do it backwards? You indicate that you want to buy and how much money are you willing to pay for it. Whoever wants to sell what is requested should have it in the bags at that time. If you accept the transaction, both buyer and seller receive immediately what corresponds to them (the one who buys, what they want; the one who sells, the gold). And if it is not sold, nobody loses anything. The basic idea is that.
  3. Sometimes I read in the chat: flex1, flex2, flex3, flex4 What is this?, in the raid finder I don't see it
  4. I think that there should be a forum (with its corresponding subforums) where each guild can be self-advertised (only one message per guild) indicating everything (game hours, progress, which classes are looking for, etc.) The subforums should be languages, to be easier to locate what you are looking for. That is, the same thing they do through the trade channel but in the forum. With this we would have the chat clean of spam.
  5. Hello, I think it would be very useful to have a website like this https://theunderminejournal.com/ the idea is to have a reference on everything that is sold (and only what is sold) in the auction and have complete and detailed statistics
  6. Hello, I wonder if it would be possible to buy credits by selling resources (cloths, metals, plants, etc.)
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