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    valor exchange

    the valor vendor in pandaria only sell gears but I don't need them. Is there an npc to exchange valor to justice or honor/conquest?
  2. I saw in Tauri database that you can buy prideful pvp gears with honor points but when I talk to the npc he doesn't sell anything to me???
  3. I have the exact same gear as him and I'm not even near his amount of strength. is the website for this particular person bug? https://i.imgur.com/ivgosuH.png this is my stats https://i.imgur.com/P5Jb2KR.png
  4. zpunk

    Bonus credit question

    thank you man
  5. I'm looking to donate and I have question regarding the bonus credit. Let say I want to purchase $10 that says 2600 + 400 credits. Will I get 3000 credits or 2600 and the 400 already included?
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