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  1. I'm not a pro player but, here are my answers. 1. I think that you can ... you go 90 get the timeless gear and slowly you can start to LFR if you dont find groups that wanna take you. 2. Everything is cross server and faction if im not wrong, so far didnt raided, but for scenarios and dungeons, you can get mixed with horde from the other server (Tauri), im now sure if for LFR (Looking for Raid) works the same, maybe others can help you there, as i said didnt raided yet. 3. Yes, evermoon is united with Tauri, you can mix with them in dungeons.
  2. Hello @Superior, I'm glad that you didn't found yet the toxic kids and trolls .. really glad that you've found good guild and helpful answers. Indeed server is good, everything works almost perfectly, the majority of players are normal ones which whom you can talk, but there idiots aswell, that give fake answers only to mess with you. Hope you still play here with us
  3. Hello everyone. I have a problem regarded to some bags and the mailbox. So i bought a few 16 slots bags with my few golds and wanted to send them to a alt of mine... when I was creating mail by mistake like an reflex i was holding LEFT ALT pressed, so the bags disappeared from my inventory but didnt appeared into those mail slots. I thought that maybe is some glitch.. so i closed mail - reopen .. and when i looked in my inventory they were gone didnt returned. What should I do now? Money for others to buy i dont have can someone tell me what happened with those bags and if i can take them back somehow? Thank you very much! --- Problem solved, after cca 20 minutes appeared on my alt mailbox. Is strange that the bags came way later, and the gold and some recipes came almost instant. Someone pls close and recycle the thread, thank you very much for understanding <3
  4. After I finished Stormpeaks, I went back to Sholazar Basin ... went to that lion mob, killed him randomly just normal attack, after kill didnt dropped nothing, i was disappointed, and when I turn back to leave, I saw that the NPC from the middle had a quest for me.. Now I "work" for frenzyheart faction, so now everything will work properly I hope. Please dont punish me for double post, I simply can't edit my previous one, and I felt that is necessary to confirm what Varga said, seem to work. Just kill that Lion and you should be able to continue after that with quests.
  5. Hello @Varga László, If i remember correctly I had the quest to kill that black panthe that is surrrounded by those 3 elites. But ill check AGAIN the whole map, theres no quest. That black mob will drop something that will start a new quest chain?
  6. Good evening everyone. I have a problem that persistet in last week, I thought that maybe if i'll do quests on other maps to unlock some quest on Sholazar Basin, but I was unlucky. I simply got stucked there, and I have no more quests to complete. I work on Loremaster Quest Achievement, and as I said am stuck at 54 / 75 quests. Practically now I should receive the quest for The Oracle or Frenzyheart faction ... but because I dont get any quest, killing that monster from cave is useless, I did it several times with no result. I checked the entire map like 10 times, no quest anywhere ... and I use Quest Completist, so there is no "maybe you missed a zone". Ill attach here a link with 2 photos, in one you can see the map and quests left, and in the other a part of quests from Quest Completist, I have 43 left to do (dailies included ofc) Apparently I need to get exactly the first quest from QC list to start all, but I dont get it.. LINK: https://imgur.com/a/89rCpPU
  7. Good evening my friends. I have a simple question, maybe some of you will find it dumb. Question: Why when guild reach level 25 (max) when you still make quests the guild contribution dont grow? In my opinion that guild contribution should keep going up and up and up and up, no matter that the guild level 25. And by this I mean on players, you know there are those 2 section (weekly and total) guild contribution for all members. Every single quest completed the guild contribution should increase with 60k ... this way you can see and reward the ones that really contributed a lot to the guild.
  8. Hello guys! I have a small problem that I honestly dont know how to fix. Everytime I go into a party, a thing appear on the left, is like a panel with "options" and I dont know how to get rid of it, or if its possible. The thing is that the the first two of party members are collide with that thing and looks annoying, I tried to move the position of party icon thru the SUF addon but can't simply do it. It is possible to remove that option panel that is shown in the follow picture? Photo: https://imgur.com/a/r2xYWbM
  9. In outland, northrend and other maps there are some spots, it is easy to level up archy? Because I can go over the fact that ill start archy at level 50 ... but it is possible, are digsites or ENOUGH digsites on high level maps to level up easy the profession?
  10. Hello everyone! I started to play on this marvelous server almost 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't wait to go level 20 and start doing archaeology. I knew from other servers that archaeology after you learn it, will have a first site on Ashenvale (me as a druid night elf) ... but idk why my first site for archy appeared on lv 45-50 maps, WHY!? And when I use archy addon appear unknown on most of them, ill attach some photos here. PHOTOS UNDER SPOILER, because look awfully big So i'm curious is archy a bit bugged or why I dont have on low level areas dig sites? Thank you for reading, and really hope to here some answers or why not solutions.
  11. It is a pretty old topic, BUT I have a question for you all lazy boys. - Why do you think they bothered so much to fix all quests? For you to level up only from spaming dungeons? If you want that, there is a x100 srv, go there and spam as much as you want, this server had work put on it, and is more fun an challenging doing quests than simply spam dungeons.
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