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  1. Aithne

    VIP Shop item question

    One or the other.
  2. Aithne

    legendary qwest

  3. Aithne

    Quest teljesítés bug

    /script LeaveParty() attól még csodákra képes.
  4. Aithne


    Login screen/System button/Network settings, tick the first one.
  5. Aithne

    [MAC OS] Play on Tauri with another client

    It's probably not. http://devil.tauri.hu/~aithne/mac.php
  6. Aithne

    Általános PC HelpDesk

    A háttértár az a vinyó (vagy épp SSD, de szerintem neked nem az van). Egyébként meg én inkább ramra gyanakodnék, ha az kevés, az is generál ilyeneket.
  7. Aithne

    Villámkérdések - Villámválaszok

    Mert wowhead időnként változtatja, és elég kellemetlen integrálni ezeket a változtatásokat.
  8. Aithne

    Account Validation - How?

    To make the life of heavy character traders easier, we have a special flair called "Validated User". Only few players will receive this rank, as it removes the four day cooldown on character transfer between two accounts. This is a position of trust, so full knowledge of the server rules, especially those related to trading, is expected, and violations of them are punished more harshly if the offender is a validated user. In exchange for this ease in character trading, we absolutely expect you to, at all times, trade honestly and cleanly. Failure to uphold means (permanent) loss of your rank, or in severe cases, your account. Other eligibility criteria are: - Your account being at least two years old - Not having been banned in the past year - Well above average character trade volume If you meet these criteria, and would like to request this rank, all you have to do is write an e-mail to validate@tauri.hu with the following info: - Your account name - The date of your registration (can be seen in the Personal Data menu) - Your character trade volume so far - Future expected trade count/month - Why you'd like to be a Validated User Evaluation of applications can take up to one week. You have to request the rank from the e-mail address belonging to the account you'd like validated. After being granted the rank, you'll see a yellow star next to your account name in the Personal Data menu.
  9. Aithne

    Problem with Valor Points refund

    As far as I'm aware, it works like any other timer and just counts down playedtime.
  10. Aithne

    Raid Finder kérdés

    Énnemtudom, nem én leszek valszeg, aki megoldja a gondját.
  11. Aithne

    Nem kapok xp-t

  12. Aithne

    Tauri MoP 5.4.8 Mac alatt is

    Ez pontosan mit csinál? Egyébként meg permission probléma szokott lenni nagyon gyakran, meg újabb Mac verziókon a Gatekeepert nem lehet GUI-n keresztül kilőni teljesen, csak terminálon.
  13. Aithne

    Működö Heirloom Curatorok?

    De, vannak, tizenöt helyen kb, Dalaran, OG/SW, Tournament, Darkmoon, meg mittudoménméghol.