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  1. Aithne

    tauri honlap hibatlan?

    Én nem tapasztaltam ilyet. Frissíts rá egyet az egészre, hátha attól magához tér.
  2. Aithne

    Kalu'ak Fishing Derby

    Már nem létezik, ne keresd.
  3. Darnassusban van portál.
  4. Aithne

    Bots Testing & Server rules

    Please don't.
  5. Aithne

    Archaeology broken!?

    All continents always have 4 after you are able to access the continent itself.
  6. Aithne

    Bug tracker info

    https://imgur.com/LLRxWKi http://changelog.tauriwow.com/
  7. Aithne

    Darkshore Quest chain is broken?

    Quest names, character name, realm?
  8. Aithne

    Change language and sound?

    Yes, I am aware. This person, however, only seemed interested in those two languages, and specifically, setting the audio and text languages to be different, so I did not think it was relevant to the discussion that we also support the Korean locale. koKR, frFR, deDE, zhCN, zhTW, ruRU, ptBR, itIT, esES, esMX All of these, in fact.
  9. Aithne

    Chris élete kibeszélő

    Már megoldották.
  10. Aithne

    Chris élete kibeszélő

    Ilyen sületlenséget még viccből se, mert tényleg van, aki elhiszi, és kárt tesz magában is, meg a környezetében is.
  11. Aithne

    New Players Bundle (NPB)

    I'm fairly sure the owner is not active anymore
  12. Aithne

    is this legit pvp?

    You wouldn't get it right the first time. Or the second. Or the 49th. What will happen is 1. majority votes for x% nerf on Y ability 2. that nerf is implemented 3. another majority will form that thinks the number should be changed 4. goto 1. Voting for something is not pre-approving no matter what happens down the line, and people wouldn't treat it as such.
  13. Aithne

    New to Mop need info

  14. Aithne

    is this legit pvp?

    Fully possible, even right now, pretty easy to do, in fact. but probably not. And a lot of players would think the same.
  15. Aithne

    is this legit pvp?

    Being able to change the damage dealt by a spell is a feature that already exists. Trying to come up with the numbers everyone is satisfied with is the impossible part of what you're suggesting. The custom part, where you can research all you want and tweak it as hard as you like and you wouldn't satisfy people ever. In addition to that, some significant (or, at least, extremely loud) portion of the playerbase is greatly upset by just... random change. Any random change. Or any change they deem random, even if it does not affect their own class. So the happy people you'd gain by, idk, removing warriors from the game would be offset by the people upset at warriors being nerfed, the people upset by the possibility of removing a class from the game, and the people who are flaming the other people who are rightfully upset at their fun taking a hit cuz "suck it up you f*** warrior main, your class deserved it, now stop crying". You always have to consider all sides. I know that, as a player, it's really easy to dismiss what the opposition thinks, just because your opinion has more merit, because you've played this game for longer, or have achieved higher rating, or did it with a "worse" class - we encounter this almost daily. You are loud, I get that. So is everyone else. It is just not possible to satisfy everyone, and even by trying you'd upset people. My stance is still that helping anyone who ever comes up with stuff that is possibly not blizzlike is the most productive approach one can take.