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  1. A Jade Forest portal OG-ban van a monk trainer mellett, a hajóra felrakó portál pedig alatta.
  2. Update your graphics card drivers and get DirectX maybe and try swapping DX9/DX11 in settings.
  3. Buy a monitor that can go higher and plug it into your laptop.
  4. You cannot use the launcher on 32 bit machines.
  5. Ez inkább bugnak néz ki. Asszem Chris említette is, hogy mi okozza, csak épp nem túlzottan prio fixelni.
  6. Enable low level quest tracking.
  7. It is planned, but since it's more work to implement it than how easy it is for users to install WoD models on their own (they can also be forced to load if you're using the Launcher for MoP, btw), and we have a ton of higher priority issues to deal with, this is not sth that will come out in the near future.
  8. Those two items aren't going to be in the VIP store. Also, botting is, luckily, quite rare nowadays, but idk how this thread got to that. Let's also please stop flaming each other.
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