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  1. With your mentality, this server's going nowhere. My suggestion for you is that you go back to PvE and don't comment on topics that have nothing to do with you. You clearly don't play PvP since you wrote all that. What's the point of having a blizzlike server if we have custom scripts and things are not blizzlike? All the things you stated in your reply are off-topic, as for making myself more clear, people are not going to quit bgs, removing the title script from the server is going to make things work as intended. Besides all this, if you want something, you should work for it, on a blizzlike server you need 1.1k rating to get the first bg title, meanwhile here all we have to do is idle in 1 bg to get it. I'm done replying to you, this suggestion is being addressed to the Staff of Tauri server, not some random forum guy. As for Tauri, if you're not planning on making this server a custom one, making things work properly, without useless scripts that ruin the game.
  2. Hello, I came here to write a suggestion related to the Rated Battleground titles (private/grunt, marshal/warlord etc). Currently, the PvP titles are being awarded for the amount of honorable kills a character has. As far as I know, Tauri is supposed to be a blizzlike server and this feature not only isn't blizzlike, but it brings disadvantages along with. It discourages players to play rated bgs and it fills the random battlegrounds with geared, experienced players, not giving a chance to new players to play properly. Most of the times, randoms are 550 guys vs very low ilvl players and this happens for both factions. It's either Alliance winning all day or Horde winning all day. This forces everyone to play in premade groups only if they want to win, ruining the beauty of the game. It's clear that most of the PvP players want a more challenging encounter, and that is rated battlegrounds, but there's no desire for it, since it doesn't reward us with anything. This is not fair, as the PvE aspect of the game is properly developed, meanwhile PvP is going down. There should be a balance, that's why 80% of the server plays PvE only. There's no desire for the PvP side because there's nothing to gain from it. At the moment 90% of the players only play 2's arenas to get 550 gear and then jump in random bgs since there's nothing else to do. My suggestion is that you remove the script that rewards PvP titles for honorable kills and you encourage the players to play the rest of the content aswell (3's, 5's, rated bgs).
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Danny and I've been a Tauri member playing on Evermoon ever since my character got moved here after Atlantiss closed. I fell in love with the server and I truly mean it when I say it's the best one I've ever played and I thank the team behind this project for the amazing content they brought us. I'm writing this topic to inform the staff members about a certain concern regarding the Website and it's Shop. At the moment it's great, but it needs just a little more work to be perfect. To be properly understood, I'll give some details on this matter. Personally, I find it quite tricky to navigate through the server's website, and the place where I find it to be the most confusing is the Shop area. The second observation I'd like to make is the lack of items in the shop. I've seen this on quite alot of servers that host newer expansions and I find it to be a great feature that could bring nothing but profit to Tauri. I'm talking about adding more cosmetic items to the shop. I'll give an example: I've been searching for Furious Gladiator's Tabard(item id 45983) to complete my transmog, but I couldn't find it as the number of tabards that can be obtained from the shop is limited. In this case, I don't see any reason not to be added to the Shop, along with more items, since it's an obsolete item that has no other purpose than being a cosmetic item. This applies to other old expansion items that cannot be obtained in-game. I'm talking about mounts, tabards, TCG items, replica transmog items etc. I'm looking forward to see these suggestions implemented one day, I thank the Tauri staff again for the amazing job they did and all the work they put in this server and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
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