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  1. Sashamolod


    question after 5-6 months - are mw/arms/mages still op?
  2. the question wasn’t that; read my question again
  3. When will the Arena Spectator work?
  4. Legion sucks ass #becomeuniquedraenor
  5. Sashamolod


    Then I have no chance...
  6. Sashamolod


    What do you mean overall? I don’t understand this part, farming local quest all day long/mythic+ ,on this the content ends but pvp will also be finished already
  7. Sashamolod


    we talk about useless legion where is no pvp community only pve/local quests GJ draenor had worse pvp than panda but still comfort playable
  8. Sashamolod


  9. Sashamolod


    it's dead because of mw/warr's damage
  10. Sashamolod


    pls dont skip the draenor expansion i beg you all, this server has the best client base/efficiency + there is no good servers of draenor then this server will become top 1:) legion had had killed pvp then i suppose pvp comminity will leave it 100%
  11. thank you so much (this topic can be closed)
  12. 1)How to check fixed my report or not? like it is just disappeared 2)How to find a list of all the reports I made? 3)Where can i find a list of fixes that were made/implement?
  13. Okay CLOSE THIS TOPIC I thought it would be useful but...
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