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  1. Hello, this was a migration issue and has been fixed! Sorry about that. You can contact us at https://discord.gg/UsbABUegwg
  2. Update: We have moved our site to a better server, expect a smoother experience than before
  3. Hello everyone, just wanted to share you the last 4 months of my work (and @snwflake who joined me soon after). We've made a website for WeakAuras and ElvUI profiles for "discontinued" versions of WoW called TaurIO (And yes, we named it after Tauri, with @Chris's permission ,help and endorsement) Feel free to visit at https://taurio.site/ And so on! Have fun
  4. I dare you to do this in evermoon. Unless you know some exploit, since you're from WoD
  5. Query

    Legion leak?

    Milan that one will go for 5000 credits!
  6. Remove professions, all high value items. Transfer a max of 1k gold and remove all realm first achievements
  7. "5" players will transfer to evermoon. Doubtful. When evermoon is the most lively MoP realm atm.
  8. I did once of all the times i did lfr and i never want to do it ever again. Traumatic experience to say the least
  9. I mean, if WoD merges with Tauri, they'll be able to transfer to evermoon. That affects evermoon people as well. You only need 2 digits of IQ to figure that out. Seems like you're one digit short.
  10. For the same reason you're allowed to be brain dead. We just can
  11. Not impossible per-se but will require a lot of core and db work. Yes. At least AFAIK
  12. Blizzard has nothing to do with how Tauri handles their Player Unique Identifiers, its a core issue
  13. Actually merging is impossible due to character GUID constraints, not language barrier. And it has been pointed out by Chris and Aithne several times before but ok. I play here for less time then you but seems like i'm more updated on the subject. (at least on the technical side of the matter). And i'm not reeing, i'm just saying that you should respect people.
  14. Definitely not making tauri great again with this type of reply. Just saying. And yes this is an hungarian topic but google translate is your friend. It's time for you to finally accept that Tauri is no longer a Hungarian only server and that the internationals also have their own saying and input to make tauri great (again)
  15. This is the kind of info that needs to be put out. You have a pretty hardcore fanbase, myself included. But we don't deserve to be left in the dark while the others get all the fun.
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