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  1. crawen

    Az Off offolója!

    lulw most jött szembe megint ez, aged like milk bár van benne pár pontos leak
  2. crawen

    Az Off offolója!

    Idk kibaszattam magamat :d
  3. crawen

    Anal spamming

    So we must be terrible neckbeards for having fun while spending our time with our hobby. Dang.
  4. crawen

    Anal spamming

    It really depends on your general social environment if you ask me. There are two types of people everywhere; I know a retired fireman regional commander with tons of degrees, and he's a huge nerd (mostly PC gaming, though nowadays he's more into RLRP and Halo/CoD dioramas), and I know people with minimum education who still frown when I tell them what I'm doing in my pastime. There are also those who like to think of themselves as "responsible adults" from a very early age, and look down upon gamers, like one of my old classmates whose hobby was learning. Exclusively. 6-22. Actual school material only, zero working ahead. She always told me that I'll work in a McDonald's for the rest of my life if I keep playing games, now she is a receptionst in a hotel. These types will always think that computers are for children only, yet they usually just vent their frustration for not having any meaningful hobby except binge-watching some cheap Latin-American grandma series and the only time they get excited is when the new X-Factor season starts. TL;DR: just don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about the way you live your life.
  5. crawen

    Anal spamming

    You do realize that gaming is already accepted as a serious entertainment medium right? Anyways, you guys must be fun at parties
  6. crawen

    Chris élete kibeszélő

    You just won the internet today sir
  7. crawen


    Nekem is ilyen 30-50 seces queue timejaim voltak rank20 korul de ugy voltam vele hogy az elmult masfel-ket evben amiota nem jatszottam ennyien jottek ra hogy a jatek egy aids p2w szarrakas
  8. crawen

    Legion kibeszélő

    Igen epp erre gondoltam, kerdes hogy kikerult-e alola a support egy az egyben 7.3-tol
  9. crawen

    Legion kibeszélő

    Ez szerintem leginkabb annak a fuggvenye hogy a kliens tamogatja-e egyaltalan.
  10. crawen

    Model edits allowed?

    Sure thing you can
  11. crawen

    Az Off offolója!

    Bent van mar, csak ki lehet kapcsolni a picsaba (persze attol meg gyujt)
  12. crawen

    Az Off offolója!

    Vajon Phalanx nagyon kiegne ha megtudna hogy az adatait es a tevekenyseget a bongeszoje is gyujti cachebe?
  13. crawen

    Evermoon PvE or PvP

    The only problem is that the ingame chat report feature is stripped of its function (eg. the button is there, can be clicked, does fuck-all), and if you ever come across anything like what you just described, simply make a screenshot and either post it to the support section or make sure to send it to one of us. And yes, there are *some* Hungarians who think that everyone not speaking our language is a subhuman and should be kept in a cage. There are such assholes in every nation, thing is that ours are too lazy to actually go to rallies and spend their time in wow.
  14. crawen

    Evermoon PvE or PvP

    Works for most, but not everyone. I can only speak for myself, but I have 70something addons (plugins included) and 22 characters, some with their own profiles. This is somewhat common, and not everyone can figure out how to mass edit addon configs. Most people can't even remove the write protection from their wtf folder to save their ingame settings, so I'm not expecting too much of the broader community tbh.
  15. crawen

    Az Off offolója!

    Akkor lenne igazan kiraly ha a linkek agyatlan ideokadasa helyett irnal is roluk par szot mintha mukodnenek a kognitiv funkcioid vagy valami