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  1. I highly agree with ilvl requirement to join bg. But gear for free? What is this lazy zoomer generation :< if you dont like to play the game to obtain gear like everyone else, go to wod.. Ez
  2. Madvision


    Hello. Most ppl use auto que function. That means bgs are crossfaction. Ppl also like to que premades. So you cannot say which side wins more. And about duels.. I personally play alli and some duels are happening in shrine. But can imagine that much more duels are happening on horde side, since they have way more ppl. Hope this helps you somehow. Its great server for pvp, because things actually work. Have fun.
  3. lol xd you will for sure meet many weird ppl on your journey find some nice guild and you will be fine. I play here for two years and can say that people are mostly friendly. Gl hf!
  4. Works just fine. Playing rog daily. They prolly just attacked you from behind. Thats 0% dodge even with evasion.
  5. If you get into rdf, you will appear in another realm (crossrealm). And its set to be the same for everyone. Or at least this is how i understand it.
  6. Its simple. You may get grouped with ppl from tauri, which is x1 XP.
  7. Welcome to legion waiting room. Thinking that mop servers are dying is a big mistake tho. The servers are doing great in terms of population. Lately they even had to increase player cap coz servers were full and you had to wait in queue to log in.
  8. If you are interested in arenas/bgs it doesnt matter which server you pick, coz they are connected via crossrealm. Evermoon (x2 XP) have International playerbase but its pve (you wont be able to attack enemy faction unless they activate pvp) Tauri (x1 XP) is pvp but mostly hungarian playerbase. Wod (x15 XP) has mixed playerbase and its pvp. But the lowest population. If you are lazy to exp and your plan are bgs/arenas only WoD is prolly your best bet. There you will get free honor gear and max prof as well.
  9. You have to realise that people had to work hard to obtain gladiator tabard. You suggest it should be possible to buy it? Those who have it would riot... Replica transmogs are obtainable via darkmoon isle.
  10. Did you try timeless isle? On all my chars i dropped it there and quite quickly. Good luck.
  11. Im glad you took it with open mind. Point is to realise that wod players in fact dont have any advantage. They just have something what everyone should have before entering bg. I personally take farm of honor gear as some kind of attunement before entering bg. Because lets be honest... Without pvp power you are useless in bgs.
  12. "Bgs are the place to farm your gear"... You must be joking... Farm those elites or spam rhcs and change jp to hp like everyone else
  13. How did he abuse it? And what happened? You didnt tell us anything. Vote kick is always group decision tho.
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