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  1. sorry good bye tuari cant hold on 400 + latency always i loved u alot but cant play i tried much to find a solution but no solution :( leaving before killing garry hc feels sad :(
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    i have formed a new club to gather asian peopel that play on tauri might be indian pakistanis bengalis chinsese indonesians and many more wisp me to join it
  3. using reduced lag http://www.reducethelag.com it is 160 but 1 it is for limited amount of time 3 it can be a key logger ! also spiky and unstable any moment can be over 400
  4. it is not i am just using a 3rd party lag reducer that is for limited time but ping and tracert is same
  5. dear brother if login server is kept in germany ( like panda wow doing they have 3 login servers 1 in russia 1 in north america and 1 in europe ) than asian players can enter in tauri before change ahappen i have seen tracert of many asian players like indonesians indians pakistanis and chinsese 1 point is common data is going to germany first from all sides after germany it going USA that usa going and than come back to europe seems an issue if login server is atleast in germany than data can directly enter in tauri and wont pass abroad anymore i talked my isp they gave me fast path and things like that but they cant do anything else routes are actually internally forged by another org internet exchange and they decide what they have to do by themselves atleast i could not find any contact to them they are there making decisions but hearing nothing
  6. hello dear sir i dont know where i should post it so posting it here kindly pls put a login server in asia for asian players to conect easily we asians having huge latency that dont let us enjoy game asia has very healthy friendly community that will love to play here currently they are forced join warmane and panda wow cos of high latency on tauri if u put a login server in any asian country for example in pakistan china or india than these countries can provide u more players than whole globe (highly populated areas ) pls take asians seriously they are very developed and highly committed in every field and its no more all about snake charmers only
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