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  1. Hello guys, first of all, I want to commend everyone involved on such an amazing server, great job guys. Unfortunately I've kind of hit a bit of a snag, one of the first few quest hubs near Warsong Hold, after getting the magic carpet ride, jsut after landing I was told to speak to the goblin, he naturally says to get parts and pieces to fix the tanks to use on the fields, I noticed he had three quests though, one saying "Tanks alot" unfortunately, I picked this one up first, this quest being the quest after you should have collected all the pieces to fix the tanks, as a result, its registered that I've done the prior quests when I haven't and is asking me to rush the fields with a tank, further more, where the tanks should be there is only empty air, although when I go into the mist the tanks appear. I'm guessing I've bugged it so I may just have to continue on wards and forget that particular quest line, I only bring it to your attention as I thought you'd like to know that this bug exists and is pretty easy to fluff up. Anyways, thank you for your time and hope this helps.
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