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  1. Hello. So while I was questing in Blade's Edge Mountains, I found a bugged quest --Whispers of the Raven God--. In this quest you're supossed to kill any mob around the area and receive a buff; while buffed, you are meant to right click the objects in order to complete the quest. However, once buffed it's possible to see where the prophecies are located at, but when using them, it's not giving any quest credit. Here is the link to the quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=10607/whispers-of-the-raven-god
  2. Well, the gold never went into the guild bank and the guild is already level 5. Does it only give the gold when you're level 5 and complete the challenge, or does it give the gold when you reach level 5 if you completed the challenge before? Because we still have no gold from the challenge in the guild bank.
  3. Hello. My friends and I started a new guild a few days ago, and just completed the dungeon guild challenge, which is supossed to give gold to the guild bank, but we didn't get any gold there, or to anyone's mail. I don't know if this is a common bug or not but we'd like to have that gold so we can open the first guild tab. Thanks in advance.
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