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  1. Vapid


    nekem az volt a kedvencem amikor a versenyauto gepjarmuvek korbementek
  2. both sides got filtered afaik sorry for your loss
  3. a fuckton of idiots voted multiple times one of them voted ~65 times for pve
  4. someone voted 60+ FUCKING TIMES FOR PVE it's not faked thanks to that fucking moron we have this conspiracy theory now though i hope he learns from this that lying does not get you anywhere.
  5. i dont think having two realms would be an ideal solution
  6. competitive script playing in a 12 year old solved game omegalul
  7. it's the main reason i don't understand why anyone would come here instead of uh other servers half the population speaks hungarian instead of english
  8. i think there should be a pvp template system so skill matters instead of snowballing with gear while being bad at the game
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