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  1. It's not our fault that you picked the wrong faction. We're offering a means to fix this problem, since a cross-faction system cannot possibly cause more faction imbalance, since the coomers in wotlk_general_en spit out every day that you can't get queue pops etc on Alliance, which this in large, would solve. I've also never really run into issues with the cross faction shit, apart from sometimes getting 40 players in LFR. Second of all, ninjalooting already has no social consequences, because it's the norm now, pretty much. And a last thought - if you seriously think the lack of the /ignore functionality in dungeon groups is a problem on a server with a playerbase in the thousands, I'd be pretty fucking worried about my tolerance, tbh. You're gonna have to solo shit soon.
  2. Funny thing about that screenshot is that you took it from a "conversation" where we were reflecting over how you managed to do 289k HPS while also doing 487k DPS on Iron Juggernaut 10HC as a boomkin, so I think the 2nd part of what I said stands true. And obviously, it's not like I want you to suffer, as I mentioned previously regarding making NM/HC raids crossrealm somehow, it could be an alternate solution if you've accidently made your character on a 15x funserver with evident problems that a merge might/will cause. I think it's one thing to just blatantly take something out of the hilarious context and tell me that I have nothing to do with it, and another to actually read and reflect over what I actually said, since once again, it's not like I want you guys to suffer over there. P.S I'm not gonna bring up International/Hungarian clashes as an argument against merging since I think it's quite evident that I enjoy playing with the Hungarians more than the International players, but I think Crystalsong speaks for itself in this regard.
  3. I think he means that the infrastructure around GUID's and stuff makes it very hard to merge the realms. As seen on Crystalsong, there were tons of issues that arose around logging due to the fact that player GUID's are different than the ones on retail. And in addition, wouldn't it be better to just advocate for NM/HC crossrealm with some sort of variance of the current flex system? Unless you like doing laps around Shrine of Two Moons with the Chinese brethren from Warriors of Darkness or the Evermoonos Nyomorékok™, it'd seem like that solves the "final" problem that separates the realms, which is the inability to play with people on the other realms.
  4. Ne káromkodj a fórumon barátaim
  5. So what exactly is the point of having a PvP realm if you literally cut the population in half and there's no longer people out there in the world to gank? There are literally only two ways this goes down: Tauri becomes so much better than their competition that people are literally forced to play here, no matter what server type they prefer. It goes PvE and attracts a type of playerbase that doesn't leave when Warmane/Sunwell/other stock garbage release a new realm. Going for two realms is fucking insane, but at the same time, forums two weeks before launch isn't the place I'd go to get my fair share of sanity. (It has nothing to do with what type I prefer cause I really don't care, but it's obvious Tauri has to do something special or it'll just be another Wrath server that dies after two months).
  6. Cat


    While I do agree that cancelling Wrath would probably be the best option, shit like this makes me not reflect a single second over why you've been called a retard on multiple occasions in general_hu. With love and respect, Cat.
  7. Thanks Tauri Team for not completely disregarding our concerns, and thanks for recognizing the problematic state of Crystalsong, and I hope both for our and your sake, that this is enough time for both sides to get the server working well.
  8. Hello. I have some questions regarding the future of Tauri, especially in how you're planning to deal with simultaneously making PTE on Crystalsong and Legion, and there are some things that for the life of me, I just cannot grasp. Is the plan really to "script" (I know it's not the right word Aithne) two expansions at the same time? I don't think I'm saying anything false if I claim that Tauri needs time to get content working properly, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that, because as we've seen in T15 and T16, the content after a couple months is flawless. But the issue now is that, you're somehow gonna have to make Legion and Cataclysm/Wrath of the Lich King, virtually at the same speed as you've made a single expansion previously. Nobody from the "FRESH" community is going to stay on Crystalsong farming ICC for 2 years while you script Legion, and then another year to get Cataclysm working properly. And neither can you do the entire Wrath of the Lich King before Legion, because I think it's relatively obvious that we can't farm Siege of Orgrimmar until 2022, and given, Legion has far more content than any expansion you've made previously (traits, etc), so it might even take longer. In addition, what is the plan after Legion? I very much doubt you're going to do Battle for Azeroth, so either we hope that Shadowlands is good, or we.. stay on Legion practically forever? I cannot possibly be alone in thinking that the obvious, optimal choice is to go Legion, and then start a new PTE after Legion is over, starting from Wrath, because in doing what you're doing right now, you're just splitting the playerbase, and both servers will be equally dead. Making a new PTE when all the content has been done, uniting the playerbase behind a new realm and leaving the old one behind, is just the most logical step forward, in my opinion. And beyond all this, I don't think we can look past how Crystalsong is currently. There's no feasible way you're going to get all the major issues worked out before the launch in two weeks, and given how the large part of the newcomers are expecting a flawless Wrath of the Lich King, it'll be a flop. Honestly, it isn't too late to call Wrath of the Lich King off. The work you've put in hasn't been wasted.. It could just be postponed until a better time presents itself, because with what you're doing right now, you're just shooting yourself (and your relatively loyal playerbase) in the foot. Sincerely, Cat.
  9. Aithne is a witch, not a wizard kappa thanks for fixing soul swap aithne, you're the best, don't have me whacked
  10. Szia, Nem akarok jatszani a Evermoonos nyomorékokkal. Köszi szépen, és további szép napot.
  11. Nagyon jó guide barátom! Nagy szép arcane mage vagy.
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