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  1. Niasora

    Evermoon worth the start?

    Thank you for your replies I'll be sure to stay in Evermoon.~
  2. Niasora

    Evermoon worth the start?

    Hello! I'm interested in playing in Tauri Wow/Evermoon. I'm a veteran player but I'm bringing along a couple of friends that never made it past vanilla content. I really appreciate the lack of bugs in your server (I've tried tons and received very upsetting results). My friends and I are from the U.S. and only speak English. I've noticed the time difference effects how we would be playing when only a 1/5 of the original stream of players are on (except on weekends). I've currently tried Evermoon and but the lack of people on the server is demoralizing. So I'm wondering, should I continue to level on Evermoon, knowing the server population will most likely not increase or should I stop before I make any more progress and join Tauri Wow instead? I know the AH and RDF are cross realm but I haven't been able to successfully queue into a dungeon. I also dislike the idea that I will not be able to join a lively guild. I'm also a solid PvE player/raider and would like to do Heroic raids one day and not just LFRs. On the other hand, I believe Evermoon has a 2x XP rate which has been rewarding. Also, like I said, my friends and I only speak English so joining a server where we can't understand the language makes me anxious. TLDR; Is Evermoon worth playing on as a new player? Thanks~