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  1. Mightymow

    Valor to Justice conversion when 5.2 hits

    I just wanted to make sure, because alot of people do not know this and just assume "this is what blizzard always does" but in this case they did not.
  2. Mightymow

    Valor to Justice conversion when 5.2 hits

    I just wanted clarification what is going to happen. On Retail there was NO currency conversion from valor to justice when 5.2 hit only pvp currency got converted conquest to honor and honor to gold. Will Tauri stick with the retail route or make their own decision and convert valor to justice. for anyone that wants proof of that i dont want to end up saving up my valor just to find out that its for nothing and i have made a thread about it bcus the answer in the tauri chat was not really what i hoped for.
  3. Mightymow

    Please allow viewing of Evermoon subforum without logging into an account.

    Would it not be for this topic i would have not even known that there is one. i just today found out that there is a subforum for Evermoon. So yes i strongly agree it should be visible like the others.
  4. Mightymow

    Tauri Internation Realm is great there's only one thing

    Do you have proof for the claim that most people prefer pvp? and i mean like actual proof not something along the lines "because i feel that way" or "because the small circle of people i talk to agrees with me" or "because other big servers are set to pvp" because from my own experience what i have seen is that there is a always major flocking of players to servers that have around x5 XP setting no matter if they are pve or pvp. and of course the big ones but thats mainly publicity and hype. as always nowadays hype is the main drive for people to do something or go somewhere.