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  1. Please patch the Launcher so it's default install location on Windows machines is C:/Program Files. Currently it defaults to installing directly to the C drive, this causes an issue with the client not installing properly and that tends to cause connection issues for some people regardless if it's the full or minimal client, as well as other issues. This is also REALLY bad for people with data caps on their internet who are using the minimal client.. as I learned the difficult way last year haha. It is because of how Microsofts security policy stuff works, it took me quite some time to finally realize this was the issue on my laptop. That had Windows 7, since then I've had friends with Windows 10 end up with the same issue, and often they also had connection problems - usually back to back disconnects.
  2. That's pretty much how a Normal (pve) server works lol, people can always flag themselves for pvp if they want to, but it's optional except when in a zone that is the enemy factions territory - for example, Elwynn forest you would be involuntarily flagged for pvp as a horde player, etc. But contested zones and others flagging for pvp is optional.
  3. Hi I am new to this server, I am looking for someone to do RAF with, I don't mind making a new account to do so as I don't have any high level characters or anything yet. Prefer to play with someone who is friendly I live in the U.S. but my schedule is flexible
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