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  1. If anyone is interested in an English speaking guild, I have created one. I haven't really found any English players yet, but let's see. As far as the guild, right no intention of doing anything but just trying to gather all the English player together. Either msg me ingame via the below toon or reply here and I will invite you when I get on. Everyone will have invite rights so I do not have to be on 24/7 Harh Bhav Deyndre Nymui And yes, they are all my alts lol.
  2. looking to make one if none exist, this is a great server and would hate to have more players leave if nobody found that speaks english
  3. hits79


    i am currently tring on vpn so let's see if it is. It may be very well me just me, if this is not a known issue. Thank you thou, I do really hope it will work on my end, finally found a great server to play and arrggg...
  4. Anyone having this issue? I just finished downloading the entire game data, and I am constantly getting disconnected. Play a few minutes, and then d/c.
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