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  1. Amoranthi

    Noxxic Class Masterpost

    This is the only site that I've seen that has a well put together PvP guide. While the moves differ because of the patches implemented by TauriWoW for balancing, it's still good to have an overview of the class and it's moves.
  2. Amoranthi

    Icy Veins Class Masterpost

    General guides are a blessing to have especially if you're coming back into MoP from new expansions, especially WoD because they changed so much. While the gear and content may differ the overall view of the class is very helpful for understanding how the talents, moves and the class itself generally work. It's very good to have if you're starting up a class that you haven't played before and the icy veins website has completed links for raids (including older MoP ones that are usable in TauriWoW). So this post offers a good little set up to look into the general overview of the patch itself which is nice! So thanks for the master post!